An Ely police officer intervened Wednesday when he saw a man being chased ... by a deer.

Ely police said officer Brad Roy was patrolling in the 300 block of East Conan Street when he saw a deer chasing a man who was walking his dog.

Roy got out of his patrol car and yelled in an attempt to divert the deer, according to the Ely police news release. The deer stopped, then continued to follow the dog walker. When Roy yelled again, the deer turned and headed toward the officer. Two dogs behind a fence on the other side of the street started to bark, and the deer ran toward them and hit the fence with its hoof.

Roy contacted a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer who said the deer probably was behaving aggressively because it was the mother of a newborn fawn.

"Officer Roy gave the deer a verbal warning and she was sent on her way," the news release stated.

The news release noted that fawns are born from mid-May through early June. The DNR advises fawns should be left where they're found. In most cases the mother will be nearby, even if she is not in sight. Fawns may be left alone for as long as three days.

Does with fawns may be aggressively protective, Ely police said. People should stay away from them for their own safety and keep their pets away as well.