Recount not expected for Duluth's at large City Council spots

Former candidate Ashlie Castaldo said she is not going to request a recount.

Voting FILE.jpg
Voters fill in their ballots at Duluth City Hall on Oct. 23, 2020. Samantha Erkkila / File / News Tribune

A single-vote margin does not trigger an automatic recount in a local municipality, though a candidate does have the right to request a recount if they wish.

But Ashlie Castaldo, who narrowly missed out on the chance to run for Duluth City Council's two at large seats, has no plans to request a recount.

"Tim has my blessings," Castaldo said of candidate Timothy Meyer, who garnered the one extra vote.

PREVIOUSLY: Single vote determines last spot in Duluth City Council at large primary The race for at large city council seats between the fourth- and fifth-place candidates came down to one vote.
Once the canvassing board certifies the results, Castaldo will be notified that she qualifies for a recount and is allowed five days to request one, Duluth City Clerk Chelsea Helmer said, giving her until Tuesday.

Helmer said this is the first time an election came down to a single vote in her time as Duluth City Clerk since 2018.


"I'm not aware of one happening prior to that," Helmer said.

"Oftentimes we get the question, 'Why should I vote? I feel like my vote won't make a difference,'" Helmer said. "This is a perfect case showing that yes, one vote definitely does make a difference."

About 12% of Duluth's registered voters participated in Tuesday's primary election.

In addition to Meyer, Azrin Awal, incumbent Terese Tomanek and Joe Macor will all be vying for the two at large seats on Nov. 2.

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