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Racism comment unfairly characterized city residents In response to Henry Banks' accusation that City Councilors Todd Fedora and Garry Krause were racist for questioning his appointment to the Community Development Committee, I hoped the City Cou...

Racism comment unfairly characterized city residents

In response to Henry Banks' accusation that City Councilors Todd Fedora and Garry Krause were racist for questioning his appointment to the Community Development Committee, I hoped the City Council would see fit to not approve Banks' appointment ("Fedora changes mind on Banks resolution," April 15).

I, too, was offended and insulted that a man of Banks' stature would make such accusations that the city of Duluth is racist. I also believed Mayor Don Ness should stand up for the city and remove Banks from the Planning Commission. I, as a resident of Duluth, took his statement to mean that I, too, must be racist.

Dick Johnson



Stereotypes won't help Duluth grow

I thought the headline writer's use of "Men in tights," regarding the University of Minnesota Duluth's drag show, in the March 29 "Eh?" column was, at best, a silly attempt to engage readers. I'll be curious to see how the content of this letter is headlined.

So why is this worth a moment's effort? I believe this is more of the old Duluth surfacing. At a time when many people are diligently working to make Duluth a more attractive place for investment -- financially and socially -- an uninformed characterization of a group of people does not advance the cause.

From time to time these old attitudes are visible through the gossamer veil of attempted humor, neutralizing the effort of others to build and portray a contemporary community.

Does the News Tribune infer sexual orientation on the part of male cyclists, rowers, skiers, runners or dancers who wear tights in serious pursuit of their sport or art?

I wonder how many drag shows the headline writer attended to be qualified to suggest such linkage.

Guys wearing wigs and lipstick? Probably. Tights? Not likely.

Bob Bruce



No luck for puck fans on local TV

What's wrong with this picture? This community has two Division I college hockey programs. Not only that, but we have a four-time national championship women's hockey team, and the WCHA is one of the premier leagues in the nation.

Yet the only television coverage we had this season was of the University of Wisconsin-Superior's Division III men's and women's teams, which was great for them.

A thank you to WDIO-TV Channels 10 and 13 for all the years it carried the University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs. But what happened this year? Was the lack of 'Dogs games on TV because ownership was from some other part of the country? Was it the bottom line? Or was it that community service doesn't exist anymore?

I and many others are disabled and cannot easily get to the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center to see games. Television coverage definitely keeps fans in the game. I hope this vital coverage is brought back, especially for all the older fans.

Bob Jones



Editorial cartoon demeaned a decent man

One wonders whether the term "common decency" ever is made manifest in any study of human relations in journalism schools.

The News Tribune's decades-long animus toward guns and gun owners makes one wonder also whether any editor has read anything of the U.S. Constitution except for the Congressional abridgement-of-the-press phrase. So I enclosed with this letter a copy of the Constitution and asked the editors to peruse it, especially words I highlighted.

Charlton Heston ("Oscar-winning actor dies at 84," April 7) was an actor and all he was doing with his "cold, dead fingers" -- as an editorial cartoon in the News Tribune suggested he was saying from his coffin -- was using his stellar ability to emphasize and portray those words of the supreme law of the land. The newspaper's political disagreements with him, illogical as they are, are one thing. But in publishing the editorial cartoon the paper chose to mock the memory of this good and thoroughly decent man at the very hour of his extended family's bereavement.

Ken Norenberg


Global warming is part of natural cycle

Let us stop pretending we can begin to reverse global warming. Stop and consider that at one time northern Minnesota was completely under an ice cap. That was long ago. That was the ice cap that created the five Great Lakes, among other things.

Let it be understood that I am in favor of cleaning up our atmosphere. It will improve our air. It will have some slight effect upon global temperatures. It will not be enough to save our polar ice or our polar bears. I predict our bears will adjust to nature's modifications as needed. Nature had radical changes of this kind long before mankind arrived. It is hardly appropriate to single out President Bush for the fate of the polar bears. There will be plenty of legitimate reasons for pinning blame on our president. I hope one of them will not be for building a foolish and a fantastic highway from Mexico to Canada. Enough said.

Vincent H. Arimond


Those who vote for hawks should enlist

I am greatly saddened when I read or hear of those who are serving in Iraq or Afghanistan and are being asked to serve not one or two, but three tours.

When President Bush was elected, I fully expected those who supported him to run, not walk, to the nearest recruiting centers. Instead, the majority of them continued to lead normal lives while cheering on their party's policies.

I would urge families to strongly encourage their young men and women to enlist, enabling those who have served so long and sacrificed so much to be replaced.

The saying, "put your money where your mouth is" -- or, in this case, where your vote is -- seems appropriate here.

Barbara Martin

Silver Bay

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