Photo gallery: Amnicon Falls State Park

A tree overhangs the now-flooded, abandoned sandstone quarry at Amnicon State Park near Superior. The sandstone, called brownstone, was a popular building material about the turn of the 20th century. Many of Superior's old buildings, including Fairlawn, Martin Pattison's mansion, were made with material from the Amnicon quarry. In about 20 years, more than a million cubic feet of brownstone was shipped to many cities, including Chicago, Sioux City, Omaha, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Duluth. (Clint Austin /

Focusing on exploring places close to home, I visited Amnicon Falls State Park southeast of Superior with my family recently. I thought because it is a smaller park, we would probably spend only an hour there. But there are so many waterfalls and unique natural features packed into the small area, four hours quickly disappeared. Looking at all the different waterfalls, pools and rock outcroppings during a walk on the hiking trails made for a wonderful time. When the sun eventually got low enough in the sky that swatting mosquitoes became the main feature, we retreated back to our vehicle satisfied with an afternoon filled with discovery.

The 55-foot-long Horton Covered bridge spans the Amnicon River near the Lower Falls. Originally, it had no covering and was a highway bridge that crossed the Amnicon River not far from the park. (Clint Austin /

Snake Pit Falls at Amnicon Falls State Park south of Superior. (Clint Austin /


The tangled roots of a cedar tree hold it in place near the top of Snake Pit Falls at Amnicon Falls State Park near Superior. (Clint Austin /

The lower portion of the Amnicon River flows between a series of rock outcroppings at Amnicon Falls State Park near Superior. (Clint Austin /

Tannin-colored water cascades over a small set of falls at Amnicon Falls State Park recently. (Clint Austin /

The Amnicon River seen during a recent evening at Amnicon Falls State Park. (Clint Austin /

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