Online property auction results in nearly $900,000 in sales for St. Louis County

Deputy director of Land and Minerals Department calls success "simply amazing."


St. Louis County's tax-forfeited land auction, held online due to public health precautions related to COVID-19, surpassed expectations with 72% of properties sold for a total of $896,000, the county said in a news release Friday.

The auction began May 28 and closed Thursday with 48 of 66 properties selling.

It was the first time the St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department had offered a large-scale online auction. Earlier this year, the county held a smaller online auction as part of a pilot program.

"(T)o see these results, which are better than we see in our traditional in-person live auctions, is simply amazing," Julie Marinucci, deputy director of St. Louis County Land and Minerals, said in the news release. "And it's good news for all St. Louis County taxpayers because with these properties being returned to private ownership, we've just increased the county's property tax base by that much more."

The list of those properties, along with results from this latest auction, can be found online at


St. Louis County is scheduled to offer one more tax-forfeited property auction in October.

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