News Tribune print reduction questions and answers

Papers roll off of the press at the News Tribune printing facility in the Duluth Airpark. (2013 file / News Tribune)

After announcing recent changes to our print delivery schedule, we've had many similar questions from readers. To make things easy, we've compiled those questions and answers here.

Why have you reduced the print frequency?

The simple answer is that we needed to reduce our costs in order to sustain the future of local news. A printed newspaper is expensive to produce. These expenses are manageable when balanced out by advertisements and subscriptions, but COVID-19 has put a strain on many of our advertisers, which accelerated the transition to digital some days of the week.

Why was my subscription rate not adjusted with these changes?

When faced with some of the economic impacts of the pandemic, we had to make a decision to either cut print frequency days while continuing to deliver the news in a similar format via the e-paper, or significantly increase subscription rates. We felt the first option would provide the best experience for our subscribers, as it allowed us to continue delivering the news daily across a variety of formats without affecting rates. Of course, we understand some of you may have signed up for your subscription with a different expectation, and we are happy to discuss options with you if that's the case. Please contact our Member Services team if you would like to discuss your individual rate.

How do I get my unlimited e-paper access or online news?

If you are a current subscriber and have not connected to your online account yet, go to or contact Member Services for assistance. You can also find detailed instructions on how to log in to access all of the news and benefits that come with your membership in our “Tips for logging in to your news account and more” article. This also includes instructions and screenshots of where to find your e-paper, or electronic edition of your newspaper.

What if I don’t want to read the news online?

We understand. This isn’t an easy change and it will take some adjusting for all of us. However, we encourage you to try the e-paper edition for a similar news experience to the printed newspaper. The e-paper is an electronic replica of the printed version including the same layout and stories as the print newspaper with pages you can “flip” through. The e-paper can be accessed from anywhere and is available much earlier than our printed paper was previously delivered. It also comes with some added benefits, like the ability to increase text size, zoom into pages, easily jump to the continuation of an article and clip or save stories for later. A new edition of your e-paper will be available 7 days a week and you can access it early each day.


Additional features, stories and content will continue to be added to both the e-paper and online sites to increase the value of your membership. You will also be able to access the latest news and updates on our news websites and mobile app, and we encourage you to try all of the digital and online news available to you.

I have a weekend subscription. When will I get my printed newspaper?

Once we shift to delivering the printed newspaper twice a week on July 8, you will receive the printed newspaper on both Wednesday and Saturday through the U.S. Postal Service mail. You also get 24/7 access to digital and online news with the e-papers and news websites for all news sites within the FCC network using your same login information for all sites. And remember, a new edition of your e-paper will be available early each day, 7 days a week, and online news is updated with new information and articles all the time.

Why is there no longer a Sunday print edition available?

In addition to changing the print frequency, we also made the difficult decision to change from our newspaper carriers to mail delivery to reduce costs. This meant that we needed to shift to a Wednesday and Saturday print delivery to match your local mail delivery schedule. Your store inserts will now be included in both the Wednesday or Saturday print edition.

What about the crossword puzzles, comics and other games?

The puzzles, games and comics are a much-loved feature of our printed newspapers and are included in all seven days of the e-paper, or electronic edition of the newspaper that all digital and print members can access with their existing subscription. Once in the e-paper, you can easily read the comics or navigate to your favorite puzzle. From there, you may tap or click on it and follow the simple instructions to print your puzzle.

The Saturday edition of our printed newspaper will also still include these favorites with an expanded comics section and a larger weekend crossword puzzle. We will also be reprinting the puzzles from the e-paper in the Wednesday and Saturday print Classified section.

What can I do to help?

As always, the best thing anyone can do for local news is subscribe . If you're already doing that, the next best thing you can do is activate your digital access and continue to check us out online or via the mobile app to stay connected every day. We are so grateful for the support of our subscribers who allow us to keep telling the stories of this community.

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