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Bring Back "The Greatest Show" To Duluth Last year, a "circus" came to town, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy. It was part of the DECC's On Broadway series and a unique opportunity for Duluthians to see an "acrobatic, aerial show, with puppetry and s...

Bring Back "The Greatest Show" To Duluth

Last year, a "circus" came to town, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy. It was part of the DECC's On Broadway series and a unique opportunity for Duluthians to see an "acrobatic, aerial show, with puppetry and special effects complete with contortionists, vine-swinging characters, strongmen and balancers." It was a fabulous performance, and those who saw it, loved it. It wasn't Cirque de Soliel, but it was good. Thanks to whomever had the foresight to bring it to town. It was many points above the Cole, Jordan, and Carden circuses which usually visit Duluth; same old shows, same old animals.

Animal circuses came to my little hometown years ago, and we went to see them. I am older now and know better. We all need to grow up someday and see the bigger picture: animals deserve more dignified lives than riding across country in trucks, isolated, chained, housed on hot pavement outside of tiny arenas, and made to perform in front of strangers who haven't really looked from the animals' point of view. "They "like" to perform; they've been doing this for 25 years." Most don't look very happy to me. Bring on the clowns.

The next time a show with human performers comes to Duluth, check it out. Take a child--no, two children--or your grandma-- to see a circus made up of funny, magical acts and "how-did-they-do-thats?" Performers appear from nowhere, looking like animals--how cool! No elephants will be made to do silly stunts or tigers pushed out from behind the curtains in tiny cages and prodded into the ring. Long after the lights go out onstage, children will dream the magic of a Cirque-like show, and pretend-play the acts for days after the show leaves town. I know because I was there and still talk about it. Contact the DECC and other entities and encourage them to bring more exciting shows. It truly was the greatest show in Duluth.

Pat Castellano



The power of suggestion

The human mind, in conjunction with the power of suggestion such as placebos, is incredibly powerful.

Now if the mind is so powerful to heal the mind and body through a pill that does not have any medical use to do anything by itself, then, I wonder, can advertisements telling you smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease and more actually cause medical problems?

You are what you eat, or is it what you believe, perhaps? Remember the power of prayer includes positive thinking.

What I'm suggesting to you is that the human mind can create the chemicals that will cure your ailments. But can it also do the opposite?

All our bodies have cancer cells.

I am sure you have been told about the doctor who told his patient that he had three months to live. The patient would not accept the doctor's diagnosis and lived a long life and eventually died of old age.


So those ads about smoking and cancer should be forbidden everywhere.

Darwin Timo


Giants or tyrants?

Microsoft wanted to and maybe still wants to buy Yahoo. Yahoo appears to not want to be acquired in a hostile manner, yet was open to considering a negotiation in a non-hostile atmosphere.

I am troubled by a number of things:

Why can't Microsoft, with all its technical might, human-power and creativity use its cash to invest in some new fantastic device, technology or vehicle project that is in complete harmony with the key concerns, needs and what people want and can afford? And, with all of this, provide a whole lot of new, new jobs.

If Yahoo is running a financially healthy, specific type of business, why don't they just keep it going?


How can one corporation force another corporation to be sold?

For those who consider corporations as individuals, why aren't they denouncing that corporations can't be forced to be sold, just as individual businesses can't be forced to sold?

What is going on with corporations being bought that actually do a good job of making, or providing, something of value?

They get bought by some entity that does not make or provide something of value, or by those who can't figure out how to come up with something new that is valuable and desirable. This is nuts!

Why aren't state and federal senators and representative denouncing this?

Why aren't the SEC, FTC, the Justice Department, the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Treasury, the Secretary of Commerce and the President and candidates denouncing this?

Why is this allowed and why is no one stopping this?

Is the plan to have everything controlled by a few gigantic corporations, that just envelop those that care about their business and develop things of value and provide high quality competition, variety and affordable prices?

Doug Fieldman


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