Marriages and divorces (Oct. 10)

St. Louis County September marriage license applications Daniel Shepard, Duluth, and Lisa Williams, Duluth. Steven Moe Jr., Duluth, and Deanna Barhorst, Duluth. Nicholas Alexander, Duluth, and Jamie Niemi, Duluth. Eric Grott, Cloquet, and Lori St...

St. Louis County

September marriage license applications

Daniel Shepard, Duluth, and Lisa Williams, Duluth.

Steven Moe Jr., Duluth, and Deanna Barhorst, Duluth.

Nicholas Alexander, Duluth, and Jamie Niemi, Duluth.


Eric Grott, Cloquet, and Lori Stenzel, Cloquet.

Nicholas Downs, Duluth, and Keely Beste, Duluth.

Gregory Mielke, Duluth, and Christine Walzak, Duluth.

Jonathan Jolley, Duluth, and Anna Haubenhofer, Duluth.

Erik Sather, Duluth, and Erin Welch, Duluth.

Cody Burcar, Duluth, and Ellie Vos, Duluth.

Nicholas Cameron, Duluth, and Shaleen Christianson, Duluth.

Richard Stalker, Duluth, and Junedilla Logrono, Duluth.


Aaron Talus, Duluth, and Elisa Weiss, Duluth.

Gene Bassette, Duluth, and Pamela Brown, Duluth.

Bradley Brzezinski, Brainerd, Minn., and Kimberly Dunbar, Brainerd.

Tracy Close, Duluth, and Kristin Peterson, Duluth.

Nam Nguyen, Silver Spring, Md., and Robyn Lunda, Silver Spring.

Jeffrey Nicholls, Duluth, and Tara Blatnik, Hermantown.

Kurtis Olson-Tormondson, Duluth, and Nicole Farleigh, Duluth.

Kurt Simonson, Battle Ground, Wash., and Andrea Bruckelmyer, Duluth.


Nicholas Gerard, Esko, and Jessica Atkinson, Esko.

Vernard Williams, Duluth, and Lindsay Hansen, Duluth.

James Backstrom, Duluth, and Erica Lemay, Duluth.

Arthur Gamache, Mesa, Ariz., and Shannon Mackay, Mesa.

Jesse Anderson, Duluth, and Julie Alaspa, Duluth.

John Vos Jr., Duluth, and Genna Nelson, Duluth.

Jeffrey Dunker, Duluth, and Claire Simco, Duluth.

Jason Collard, Duluth, and Angela Lanari, Duluth.

Daniel Good, Duluth, and Megan Barnes, Duluth.

Bruce Anderson, Duluth, and Suzette Goyette, Duluth.

Randall Brekke Jr., Duluth, and Brianne Fox, Duluth.

Edward Schumann, Duluth, and Lorri Russell, Duluth.

Mathew Mikloczak, Superior, and Jennifer Riley, Superior.

Gary Klassen, Duluth, and Delaine Pearson, Duluth.

James Asamoah-Asano, Bloomington, Minn., and Tammi-Jo Turner, Duluth.

Matthew Simonson, Duluth, and Leah Junker, Duluth.

Matthew Thibodeau, Duluth, and Mia Peterson, Duluth.

Andrew Goenner, Proctor, and Victoria Merling, Proctor.

Ryan Arola, Duluth, and Pamela Edstrom, Duluth.

Curtis Fernandez, Saginaw, and Melissa Schallock, Crandon, Wis.

Nicholas Prischmann, Duluth, and Kristi Jacklitch, Duluth.

Michael Yeaton, Duluth, and Sherrill Brodin, Duluth.

Michael Bergum, Proctor, and Ashley Hylla, Proctor.

James-Erik Lindstrom, Hermantown, and Jessica Suksi, Hermantown.

Andrew Kintigh, Moose Lake, and Melissa Alto, Moose Lake.

David Wruck, Duluth, and Kathryn Johnson, Duluth.

Brian Schaefer, Duluth, and Dawn Myrvold, Duluth.

William Turcotte III, Culver, Minn., and Sara Conley, Duluth.

Joseph Eickman, Superior, and Courtney Brostrom, Duluth.

Ben Erickson, Duluth, and Erica Albright, Duluth.

Adam Culbert, Duluth, and Kaylee Koscielak, Duluth.

Kurt Jankofsky, Duluth, and Sara Carlson, Duluth.

Isaac Green, Duluth, and Kelly Shepard, Duluth.

James Witte, Duluth, and Alexis Miller, Duluth.

Jonathan Napoli, Duluth, and Erin Henderson, Duluth.

Andrew Meyer, Duluth, and Katherine Olson, Duluth.

Adam Washburn, Hermantown, and Tanya Johnson, Hermantown.

Ryan Lambeau, Duluth, and Kellen Bredesen, Duluth.

Andrew Cashin, Duluth, and Renee Skolasinski, Duluth.

Benjamin Altonen, Duluth, and Angela Wargin, Duluth.

Jerry Story, Duluth, and Brittany Neally, Duluth.

Casey Stuhr, Hayward, and Megan Robbins, Hayward.

Jeffrey Neis, Duluth, and Kristin Rust, Duluth.

Corey Beste, Duluth, and Erin Reischl, Duluth.

Mark Hilleren, Duluth, and Amanda Jazdzewski, Duluth.

Michael Sawyer, Saginaw, and Christine Ellingson, Hermantown.

Scott Schowalter, Duluth, and Delores Stewart, Duluth.

Joshua Bruce, Duluth, and Calandra Madson, Duluth.

Austin Westgard, Duluth, and Stacy Rabold, Duluth.

Patrick Smedberg, Superior, and Kathryn Winter, Superior.

Michael Schueller, Duluth, and Jennifer Kolenda, Duluth.

David Haakensen, Duluth, and Margaret Haufle, Duluth.

Charles Forsyth, Proctor, and Rachel Sawyer, Duluth.

Adam Van Straten, Duluth, and Kelly Zapp, Saginaw.

Mitchell Billman, Duluth, and Jill Levine, Duluth.

Burrell Draper, Duluth, and Andrea Wolff, Hermantown.

Dissolutions of marriage

Cynthia A. Juntunen, Duluth, and Terry L. Juntunen, Bayport, Minn.

Randy P. DuPuis, Stanley, Wis., and Kelly A. DuPuis, Duluth.

William J. Saaristo, Duluth, and Janice R. Saaristo, Duluth.

Roy G. Stankiewicz, Chisago City, Minn., and Lori A. Stankiewicz, Esko.

Todd R. Clawson, Cloquet, and Marlene J. Clawson, Bemidji.

David M. Prudhomme, Duluth, and Lori J. Prudhomme, Saginaw.

Tyler J. Catlin, Menomonie, Wis., and Sonnet A. Catlin, Duluth.

Matthew M. Unzeitig, Duluth, and Maranda L. Unzeitig, Duluth.

Kimberly Groehler, Duluth, and Brett Groehler, Duluth.

Wendy M. Stroik, Duluth, and Terry J. Stroik, Duluth.

Britt K. Peyer, Duluth, and Douglas J. Peyer, Duluth.

Gregory A. Gaskell, Meadowlands, and Kami L. Gaskell, Meadowlands.

Thomas S. Anderson, Duluth, and Brenda L. Anderson, Perham, Minn.

Nichole M. Premo, Duluth, and Brian L. Premo, Duluth.

Michelle C. Cairns, Duluth, and Christopher D. Cairns, Duluth.

Melody A. Borgerding, Duluth, and Ronnie J. Borgerding Sr., Glyndon, Minn.

Colleen M. Scanlon, Proctor, and Timothy A. Scanlon, Duluth.

Cynthia A. Stangel, Duluth, and Todd E. Stangel Sr., Saginaw.

Nancy L. Anderson, Cloquet, and James L. Anderson, Duluth.

eremy P. Augusta, Duluth, and Katherine Y. Augusta, Duluth.

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