Marriages and divorces for March 14, 2014

St. Louis County February marriage license applications Jim Devera, Duluth, and Kristy Tureson, Duluth. William Lewis, Duluth, and Heidi Zesiger, Duluth. James Mulek, Duluth, and Leighellen Conley, Duluth. Rachelle Vogel, Duluth, and Derek Marten...

St. Louis County

February  marriage license applications

Jim Devera, Duluth, and Kristy Tureson, Duluth.
William Lewis, Duluth, and Heidi Zesiger, Duluth.
James Mulek, Duluth, and Leighellen Conley, Duluth.
Rachelle Vogel, Duluth, and Derek Martenson, Duluth.
Terry Kafka, Duluth, and Kirk Teschner, Duluth.
Matthew Brown, Duluth, and Pamela Foster, Duluth.
Karen Olson, Duluth, and Crystal Schubitzke, Duluth.
Michael Bessler, Lake Nebagamon, and Emmalee Cornell, Maple.
Katherine Flynn, Duluth, and Thomas Shannon, Duluth.
John McGill, Duluth, and Cathleen Timo, Duluth.
Krystal Mesedahl, Duluth, and Ryan Howes, Duluth.
Karissa Tikka, Duluth, and Bryan Mickelson, Duluth.
Jesse Efraimson, Deephaven, Minn., and Callie Lobbestael, Duluth.
Justin Conklin, Duluth, and Kathryn Colvin, Duluth.
Ryan Merritt, Duluth, and Jennifer Shetterly, Duluth.
Tracey Roberts, Vienna, S.D., and Sally Bruckelmeyer, Duluth.
Charles O’Mary Jr., Duluth, and Lindsay Morgan, Duluth.
Katerina Anderson, Sturgeon Lake, and Jordan Vargas, Duluth.
Joy Doble, Duluth, and David Siedlecki, Duluth.
Everett Reynolds, Duluth, and Sarah Renick, Duluth.
Jill Hill, Duluth, and Paul Thunder, Cloquet.
Mark Hilleren, Duluth, and Brittany Jarvi, Duluth.
Kijsa Fiene, Cloquet, and Jared Irwin, Duluth.
Deanna Dzuck, Duluth, and Jayme Utt, Duluth.
Jeremy Carlson, Duluth, and Amanda Lepisto, Duluth.
Mario Johnson Sr., Duluth, and Alicia Goodwin, Duluth.
Cynthia Mackay, Duluth, and Michael Brown, Brookston.
Jordan Kivi, Duluth, and Steven Balaich Jr., Duluth.
Nichole Askelson, Duluth, and Richard Phillips, Duluth.
Brian Christofferson, Duluth, and Jennifer Ecklund, Duluth.
James Kainwo, Angora, and Christine Shermer, Angora.
Lareesa Sandretsky, Duluth, and Dirk-Jan Vermeulen, Duluth.
Billy Sabin, Superior, and Nancy Braun, Superior.
Robert Johnson, Duluth, and Rochelle Anderson, Duluth.
Benjamin Buchanan, Duluth, and Amanda Myshack, Duluth.
Steven Fleming, Oakdale, Ill., and Melinda Rule, Duluth.
Matthew Stromquist, Duluth, and Lindsey Hall, Duluth.
Gregory Gowan, Duluth, and Jacque Gulbrandson, Duluth.
Shawn Owens, Duluth, and Charlietta Barnes, Duluth.
Lewis Heine, Proctor, and Bonnie Berg, Duluth.

Dissolutions of marriage

Connie L. O’Brien, Duluth, and Sean G. O’Brien, Superior.
Mary E. Bray, Duluth, and Aaron A. Hildebrant, Duluth.
Alisa J. Hanson, Duluth, and Carl P. Hanson, Duluth.
Christopher P. Zuech, Duluth, and Janelle Zuech, Duluth.
John A. Krautbauer, Duluth, and Christine C. Krautbauer, Duluth.
Brian A. Rehbein, Proctor, and Sara E. Rehbein, Proctor.
Judith A. Erickson, confidential address, and Jeffery T. Erickson, Duluth.
Kim L. Tran, Duluth, and Adam F. Nguyen, Two Harbors.
Jennifer L. Zoretich, Duluth, and Carl J. Zoretich Jr., Duluth.
Jeffrey J. Mayne, Duluth, and Elizabeth A. Mayne, Duluth.
Wayne A. Laakso, Duluth, and Eileen D. Laakso, Duluth.
Julie Welinski, Duluth, and Mark Welinski, Duluth.
Sherri L. Lundstrom, Duluth, and Matthew W. Lundstrom, Duluth.
Richard Wunner Jr., Hermantown, and Sheila Wunner, Hermantown.
Dennis C. Muellner, Duluth, and Sarah E. Muellner, Duluth.
Scott A. Soderholm, Duluth, and Mary L. Soderholm, Duluth.
Tricia J. Filipi, St. Paul, and Rory L. Lieb, Duluth.
Katie M. Smith, confidential address, and Nathan C. Smith, confidential address.
Craig S. Tollefson, Duluth, and Denise M. Tollefson, Duluth.
Carl E. Isadore, Green Valley, Ariz., and Judith M. Isadore, Duluth.
Robert S. Milburn, Duluth, and Susan E. Rose, Duluth.
Ryan R. Ruona, Morton, Ill., and Tiffany K. Ruona, Duluth.
Philip D. Rolle, Duluth, and Sharon M. Rolle, Duluth.
Joseph A. Smith, Duluth, and Katie L. Smith, Gordon.
Alicia L. Jenness, Proctor, and Jesse J. Jenness, Proctor.
Lenette W. Ierino, Duluth, and Rocco J. Ierino, Duluth.


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