Marriages and Divorces for March 13, 2015

MARRIAGES & DIVORCES St. Louis County February marriage license applications James Sweeney, Duluth, and Brittney Hanley, Duluth. Carl Kephart, Duluth, and Megan Kelly, Peterborough, England. Leah Moen, Proctor, and Jeremiah Jerzak, Alexandria...


St. Louis County

February marriage license applications

James Sweeney, Duluth, and Brittney Hanley, Duluth.

Carl Kephart, Duluth, and Megan Kelly, Peterborough, England.


Leah Moen, Proctor, and Jeremiah Jerzak, Alexandria, Minn.

Rachael Scott, Saginaw, and Todd Isaacson, Saginaw.

Peter Miner, Duluth, and Jeanna Holcombe, Superior.

Joseph Cajacob, Eau Claire, Wis., and Randi Launderville, Superior.

Marcus Bear, Washburn, and Jennifer Krueger, Washburn.

Robert Renaud, Proctor, and Deborah Johnson, Proctor.

Matthew Estrada, Duluth, and Tanya MacFarlane, Duluth.

Sam Haddad, Hermantown, and Brooklynn Peterson, Hermantown.


Cashmere Hagbourne, Duluth, and Jessica Brigan, Duluth.

John Tubalado, Duluth, and Angela Blair, Duluth.

Michael Pack, Superior, and Kelly McGovern, Saginaw.

Jacob Enberg, Hermantown, and Faith Manecke, Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Dustin Lipka, Minot, N.D., and Jenni Long, Duluth.

Holly Raisanen, Duluth, and Trevor Dallum, Brush Prairie, Wash.

Kristina Lampi, Superior, and Seneca Tinnin, Duluth.

Joy Johnson, Proctor, and Fritz Mani IV, Rice Lake, Wis.


Aaron Rutford, Duluth, and Nicole Larson, Duluth.

Shannon Oberg-Brouse, Saginaw, and Nathan Anderson, Duluth.

Steven Putnam, Duluth, and Darla Radack, Duluth.

Kathleen Kephart, Bowie, Md., and Travis Palmer, Bowie.

William Leoni, Duluth, and Beverly Turk, Duluth.

Steven Sandman, Hawley, Minn., and Eleanor Deakin, Duluth.

Jennifer Pender, Charleston, S.C., and Matthew Stuart, Maple.

Gary Krisak, Burlington, N.D., and Kayla Heenan, Burlington.


Dustin Scholz, Duluth, and Jordan Fanning, Duluth.

Amanda Jansen, Hibbing, and Ryan Gibson, Hibbing.

Aron Broker, Kettle River, and Gloria Pearson, Duluth.

Dane Johnson, Duluth, and Lynneliz Sevilla, Duluth.

Brenda Sacco, Hibbing, and Richard Levasseur, Hibbing.

Shaina Connolly, Duluth, and Wyatt Knight, Duluth.

Nancy McGinley, Aurora, Colo., and Nicholas Armstrong, Aurora.

Diana Verhel-Horngren, Duluth, and Jerid Prahl, Hermantown.


Ariel Johnson, Duluth, and Michael Wolf, Duluth.

Tou Yang, Duluth, and Holly Grissman, Duluth.

Kassady Walker, Duluth, and Wesley Kunst, Duluth.

Bobbie Malphrus, Duluth, and William Haedrich Jr., Duluth.

Robert Marxen, Makinen, and Judith Jackson, Makinen.

Sherri Pace, Duluth, and Curtis Timmerman, Duluth.

Dissolutions of marriage

Jason C. Bramstedt, Hermantown, and Tonya V. Bramstedt, Hermantown.


Jennifer A. Kampf, Duluth, and James L. Wise, Duluth.

Sara J. Carlson, Duluth, and William A. Carlson, Duluth.

Kristina M. Siiter, Cloquet, and Ross J. Siiter, Cloquet.

Danielle L. Lindquist-Lace, Floodwood, and Lawrence A. Lace, Floodwood.

Todd L. Johnson, Duluth, and Sandra L. Johnson, Duluth.

David A. McCarthy, Lake Nebagamon, and Barbara J. McCarthy, Duluth.

Dawn M. Brantal, Duluth, and Steven W. Brantal, Duluth.

Christine L. Krause, Duluth, and Kyle M. Krause, Superior.

Stephen F. Suzick, Superior, and Judith A. Suzick, Duluth.

Marc L. Beeman, Duluth, and Cheryl J. Beeman, no address listed.

Naomi R. Chesney, Duluth, and Keith W. Chesney, Duluth.

Ashley L. Effinger, Little Falls, Minn., and Jacob R. Effinger, Saginaw.

Amy L. Cech, Duluth, and Jason L. Cech, Bovey.

Autumn C. Chida, Duluth, and Richard L. Chida, Duluth.

Gabriel J. Green, Rose Creek, Minn., and Heather R. Green, Duluth.

Chad C. Luoma, Duluth, and Kimberly D. Luoma, Duluth.

June A.B. Kraus, Duluth, and Patrick A. Kraus, Duluth.

Leslie J. Kooi, Duluth, and Michael Kooi, Duluth.

William D. Flaherty Jr., Duluth, and Roberta J. Flaherty, Duluth.

Melissa F. Feierabend, Duluth, and David Feierabend, Charlestown, Mass.

Keith D. Willhite, Duluth, and Michelle L. Willhite, Duluth.

Rodella E. LaFreniere, Duluth, and David R. Welch, West Fargo, N.D.

Joseph M. Shelton, Saginaw, and Melissa D. Shelton, Hermantown.

Nathan G. Selby, Duluth, and Sandra Selby, Duluth.

Jeremy M. Fish, Duluth, and Jaime S. Fish, Duluth.

Cailyn E. Johnston, Duluth, and William C. Johnston, Duluth.

Robert L. Saxin, Duluth, and Paula A. Saxin, Duluth.

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