Marriages and divorces for Feb. 12

St. Louis County December marriage license applications Kyle Freundschuh, Duluth, and Grace Feist, Duluth. Christopher Raddant, Duluth, and Melissa King, Duluth. Robert Olson, Duluth, and Mary Cichy, Duluth. Neil Kent, Duluth, and Betty Kent, Duluth.

St. Louis County

December marriage license applications

Kyle Freundschuh, Duluth, and Grace Feist, Duluth.

Christopher Raddant, Duluth, and Melissa King, Duluth.

Robert Olson, Duluth, and Mary Cichy, Duluth.


Neil Kent, Duluth, and Betty Kent, Duluth.

Michael Degrio, Duluth, and Shelby Ringhofer, Duluth.

Chad Risner, Duluth, and Bethany Magliocco, Duluth.

Brian Melde, Duluth, and Gay Ornopia, Duluth.

Dean Esselstrom, Superior, and Mary Mackey, Superior.

Darin Johnson, Ramsey, Minn., and Brittany Lubitz, Ramsey.

Mickey Garthus, Hermantown, and Bobbi Lassila, Hermantown.

Gregory Pawson, Thunder Bay, and Monica Martin, Superior.


Nick Christensen, Duluth, and Krista Specht, Duluth.

Mark Newman, Duluth, and Meghan Bruso, Duluth.

Adam Haroldson, Kiester, Minn., and Amanda Haugen, Duluth.

Robert Stevens, Duluth, and Alexandria Adams, Duluth.

Jamarcus Holmes, Duluth, and Heather Sinex, Duluth.

William Swanson, Duluth, and Annette Lind, Duluth.

Christopher Schleifer, Hancock, Mich., and Denise Bjerklie, Duluth.

Jonas Dean, Duluth, and Kathleen Tollefson, Eagan, Minn.


Loren Johnson, Duluth, and Krysta Moline, South Range.

Robert Carlson, Esko, and Melissa Yang, Esko.

Jesse Appleby, Duluth, and Brooke Uttley, Duluth.

Lee Tufte, Duluth, and Hayley Swenson, Birchdale, Minn.

David Deschampe, Duluth, and Linda Deschampe, Duluth.

Russell Holman, Proctor, and Cindy Moe, Proctor.

Gabriel Green, Superior, and Heather Bol, Superior.

Bright Jaja, Proctor, and Lindsey Ruhnke, Proctor.


Timothy Wiley, Duluth, and Breanna O'Brien, Duluth.

Daniel Schafter, Duluth, and Jacqueline Mello, Duluth.

Philip Bennett, Floodwood, and Telisha Johnson, Floodwood.

Lyle Nygren, Duluth, and Abigail Mueller, Amery, Wis.

Joshua Wick, Duluth, and Kelly Vieau, Duluth.

John Rackliffe, Hermantown, and Jenny Cooke, Cloquet.

Richard Skeate, Duluth, and Laurna Frankovich, Duluth.

Jose Ortega Reyes, Superior, and Karen Ells, Superior.


Lucas Lilliberg, Duluth, and Kelsi Carlson, Duluth.

January marriage license applications

Kyle Gallant, Duluth, and Amber Stonemark, Esko.

Clint Agar, Duluth, and Andrea Johnson, Duluth.

Joseph Matthes, Duluth, and Kari Billman, Duluth.

Karl Franklin, Duluth, and Brittney Heine, Frederic, Wis.

Floyd Phillips II, Duluth, and Leah Shockley, Duluth.

Eric Davis, Duluth, and Shannon Nowotczynski, Duluth.


Matthew Strom, Proctor, and Jessica Kirk, Superior.

Joseph Quade, Duluth, and Stacey Kotlarek, Duluth.

Robert Semaan, Scott AFB, Ill., and Jessi Thoennes, Duluth.

Scott Smith, Duluth, and Sierra Berens, Duluth.

Blair Raisanen, Duluth, and Lexi Swafford, Duluth.

Kenneth Clark, Duluth, and Carrie Hammes, Hermantown.

Ross Farrell, Duluth, and Melissa Hongo, Duluth.

Dennis Junk, Superior, and Autumn Krocker, Superior.

Aaron Greenwood, Minneapolis, and Amy Hom, Minneapolis.

Brad Jacobson, Duluth, and Lois Preo, Duluth.

Brian Johnson, Tower, and Wanda Lundeen, Duluth.

Corey Aspling, Two Harbors, and Anna Finnelly, Two Harbors.

Michael Patterson, Duluth, and Kinsha Bentley, Duluth.

Travis Glader, Duluth, and Chelsea Rempkowski, Duluth.

Timothy Peterson Jr., Duluth, and Janel Jordan, Duluth.

Nathan Stoltman, Duluth, and Teresa Barrett, Duluth.

Douglas Haselow, Duluth, and Bridget Oppel, Duluth.

Travis Taylor, Duluth, and Liska Avey, Duluth.

Thomas Johnson, Duluth, and Lindsay Clynne, Duluth.

Daniel Dlouhy, Duluth, and Sarah Dlouhy, Duluth.

Edwin Radig Jr., Duluth, and Amy Krusz, Duluth.

Luke Johnson, Duluth, and Jenni Lippitt, Duluth.

Thomas Kasell, Duluth, and Toni Hamski, Duluth.

Michael-Allan Lacsamana, San Antonio, and Katelyn Olson, San Antonio.

Bruce Makela, Meadowlands, and Rita St. George, Meadowlands.

Dissolutions of marriage

Ernest T. St. George Sr., Superior, and Rita M. St. George, Meadowlands.

Cheryl L. Baker, Duluth, and Jay D. Baker, Duluth.

Shawna L. Levine, Duluth, and Michael D. Levine, St. Paul.

Durbin M. Keeney III, Duluth, and Lisa M. Keeney, Duluth.

Jason M. Hakly, Duluth, and Rachel L. Hakly, Duluth.

Adam E. Moren, Duluth, and Jeanne R. Peterson-Moren, Duluth.

Clifford L. Brown Jr., Duluth, and Mary F. Brown, Duluth.

Carla J. Marcella Backman, Duluth, and Alan R. Backman, Duluth.

David R. Oberstar, Duluth, and Barbara J. Oberstar, Lakeville, Minn.

William M. Pelto, Hermantown, and Peggy J. Pelto, Hermantown.

Lisa M. Freeman, Duluth, and Jeffrey A. Freeman, Duluth.

Guy T. Lee, Duluth, and Lynne R. Lee, Duluth.

Gary P. Koneczny, Saginaw, and Kathleen F. Koneczny, Oklahoma City.

Caroline J. Kresal, Duluth, and Gregory R. Kresal, Duluth.

Tricia A. Mandelin, Duluth, and Donald A. Mandelin, Solon Springs.

Tracey M. Christoff, Duluth, and Jerel T. Christoff, Hermantown.

Elizabeth J. Powers, Duluth, and Thomas F. Powers IV, Kenosha, Wis.

Rebecca A. Mahlum, Duluth, and Christopher L. Mahlum, Cloquet.

Elizabeth A. Liljeblad, Duluth, and Frank L. Liljeblad, Duluth.

Kendall R. Thudin-McDonnell, Proctor, and Zachary M. McDonnell, Hermantown.

Jodi A. Launderville, Duluth, and Justin E. Launderville, Duluth.

Cynthia A. Eggert, Hermantown, and Christian D. Eggert, Hermantown.

Joseph P. Marty, Duluth, and Briana L. Peterson, Superior.

Lisa B. Galo, Duluth, and John Galo, Duluth.

Jay P. Szymczak, Duluth, and Hope M. Szymczak, Duluth.

Jeffrey K. Anderson, Duluth, and Robyn K. Anderson, Duluth.

Deborah Kohs-Davis, Duluth, and Russell W. Davis Jr., Duluth.

Jenell M. Sherman, Duluth, and Nicholas J. Knutson, Duluth.

Gerald T. Agne, Duluth, and Sandra A. Agne, Duluth.

Ralph R. Doty, Duluth, and Diane M. Doty, The Villages, Fla.

Jesse P. Treviranus, Duluth, and Jessica M. Treviranus, Hermantown.

Joseph L. Budisalovich, Duluth, and Rebecca P. Budisalovich, Duluth.

Leah L. Foster, Duluth, and Lucius F. Foster IV, Duluth.

John W. Crain, Duluth, and Jane L. Crain, Duluth.

Marlys King, Duluth, and David King, Eveleth.

Kathryn B. Loop, Duluth, and Jeffrey S. Loop, Duluth.

Jennifer J. Lees, Culver, and Warren A. Lees Jr., Culver.

Andrew T. Goenner, Proctor, and Victoria R. Goenner, Proctor.

Brenda Schneuer, Duluth, and Craig Schneuer, Duluth.

Alisha M. Bliss, Duluth, and Timothy J. Moder, Duluth.

Mary E. Owens, Duluth, and Robert M. Owens, Shawano, Wis.

Cheryl L. Johnson, Duluth, and Jeffrey J. Johnson, Duluth.

Tina M. Shaddox, Duluth, and Tracy C. Shaddox, Moose Lake.

Ashley B. Preston, Duluth, and Michael J. Preston, Duluth.

Teresa J. Schwartz, Two Harbors, and Jason R. Schwartz, Two Harbors.

Corey Stebner, Duluth, and Kelly Lewandowski, Duluth.

Elbert J. Brandt III, Duluth, and Wanda E. Brandt, Rochester, Minn.

Thomas E. Kasell, Duluth, and Lori A. Kasell, Duluth.

Tina M. Snickers, Duluth, and Kenneth J. Snickers, Duluth.

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