Marriage Applications & Divorces

St. Louis County

April marriage license applications

Alexander Koschak, Hermantown, and Brittney Kaarbo, Duluth.

Thomas Florestano, Duluth, and Madeleine Ogren, Duluth.

Blanca Orteu Duran-Sindreu, Forest Lake, Minnesota, and Vahhab Zarei, Forest Lake.


Collin Anderson, Keewatin, and Ashley Lemke, Keewatin.

Samantha Maki, Duluth, and Philip Schweikert, Superior.

Annemarie Croy, Hoyt Lakes, and Joseph Ehlers, Hoyt Lakes.

Samantha Roseth, Duluth, and Cassondra Ohme, Lake Nebagamon.

Twila Harper, Duluth, and James Buckner, Duluth.

Christina Nyquist, Cokato, Minnesota, and Jordan Furutani, Rochester, Minnesota.

Jack Dickinson, Minneapolis, and Miriam Skurnick, Minneapolis.

Dylan Ice, Duluth, and Camille Bohnert, Duluth.


Jesse Fure, Hermantown, and Brittany Lovold, Duluth.

Evan Wrazidlo, Duluth, and Gina Santi, Lindstrom, Minnesota.

Bradley Bishop, Cloquet, and Cortnee Defoe, Cloquet.

Myles Hegge, Sturgeon Lake, and Jenna Waters, Floodwood.

Douglas Swanstrom, Duluth, and Tania Sazama, Duluth.

Daniel Kiminski, Hoyt Lakes, and Emily Solberg, Hoyt Lakes.

Cassie Drake, Duluth, and Laurel Bakken, Duluth.

Polly Jazdzewski, Duluth, and Dale Johnson, Duluth.


Caralee Peters, Mountain Iron, and Kyle Niemi, Eveleth.

Douglas Johnson, Ely, and Dale Anderson, Hibbing.

Ellen Hamel, Duluth, and Laura Prasek, Duluth.

Andrew Thorsen, Hoyt Lakes, and Deidre Westover, Hoyt Lakes.

Michael Martin, Duluth, and Sheila Heller, Cross Lake, Minnesota.

Nicholas Takes, Duluth, and Kally Hinz, Duluth.

Megan Berger, Duluth, and Nathan Grygleski, Duluth.

Thomas Matuszak, Carlton, and Emily Pereira Barbosa, Brussels, Belgium.


Sheila Wunner, Hermantown, and Krister Mattson, Hermantown.

Dakota Heinrich, Mountain Iron, and Jamie Novak, Gilbert.

Theresa Britton, Duluth, and Andrew Lisdahl, Duluth.

James Vukad, Side Lake, and Cherlene Kangas, Side Lake.

Alexis Ginsberg, Rochester, Minnesota, and Warren Engdahl, Rochester.

Michael Michelizzi, Duluth, and Kelly Worshek, Duluth.

Liam Connor, Duluth, and Eva Roth, Duluth.

Adam Boucher, Duluth, and Amber Ostberg, Duluth.


Jessica Kleiman, Long Lake, Minnesota, and Baruh Barinski, Long Lake.

Joseph Grabanski, Hibbing, and Erin Homan, Hibbing.

Megan Kennedy, Aurora, and Joshua Boesen, Aurora.

Paula Rolf, Duluth, and Nathan Dunaway, Duluth.

Travis Lohmann, Pine City, Minnesota, and Deanna Hughes, Barnes, Wisconsin.

Rachel Loken, Duluth, and Dustin Vaughn, Stillwater, Minnesota.

Brianna Dorothy, Minneapolis, and Daniel Hill, Minneapolis.

Angie Engle, Urbandale, Iowa, and Jay Hansen, Duluth.


Kelly Olson, Floodwood, and Jerry Reno Jr., Floodwood.

Rachel Holbein, Duluth, and Daniel Lind, Duluth.

Abbigale Gujer, Duluth, and Nicholas Burski, Duluth.

Alexandra Alexsevich, Duluth, and Cherii Buerke, Duluth.

Elliott Simon, Duluth, and Nicole Peterson, Duluth.

Dissolutions of marriage

Courtney A. Williams, Proctor, and David M. E. Williams, Duluth.

Jessica A. Johnson, Duluth, and Jerome Johnson, Hermantown.

Malissa A. Beetcher, Hermantown, and Kenneth M. Beetcher, Duluth.

Amanda K. Carlson, Duluth, and Christopher L. Carlson, Hermantown.

Sandra G. Culp, no city listed, and Roy Clark, Lancaster, South Carolina.

Rachael D. Russell, Proctor, and Robert D. Russell, Duluth.

David J. Lauzon, Duluth, and Lisa M. Lauzon, Duluth.

Robert C. Kidd, Jr., Duluth, and Susan L. Kidd, Duluth.

Viola Clark, Duluth, and Christopher W. Clark, North Bend, Washington.

Ronald A. Deters, Duluth, and Julie B. Deters, Duluth.

Denise R. Kreminski, Duluth, and Peter J. Kreminski, Duluth.

Shannon E. Benson, Duluth, and Tammy Benson, Duluth.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.

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