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Marriage Applications & Divorces

Marriages and divorces in St. Louis County in December 2021.

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St. Louis County
December marriage license applications
Daniel Robinson, Skokie, Illinois, and Richelle Caya, Skokie, Illinois
Alexander Dvorak, Duluth, and Natalie Walter, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Ralph Wilkinson, Spooner, Wisconsin, and Deane Graf, Spooner, Wisconsin
Austin Thompson, Glencoe, Minnesota, and Julia Heck, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Kaitlynn Hunter, Hermantown, and Thomas Orobona, Hermantown
Kali Erickson, Duluth, and Hunter Bergerson, Duluth
Marilyn Lepak, Duluth, and Gene Olsen, Duluth
Amber Zimmerman, Duluth, and Michael Durfee, Duluth
Ryan Brown, Duluth, and Nicole Duryee, St. Paul Park, Minnesota
Madison Witschen, Duluth, and Matthew Holmstrom, Duluth
Robert Giuliani, Duluth, and Elin Lopen Leon De La Barra, Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Mark Stenehjem, Hermantown, and Mataya Westrick, Duluth
Phillip Hoelscher, Duluth, and Alyson Enderle, Duluth
Hannah Moeller, Duluth, and Baber Javed, Karachi Sherki, Pakistan
Peter Olson, Duluth, and Jack Atkinson, Duluth
Valissa Olson, Duluth, and Gavin Erickson, Duluth
Lynda Miller, Cotton, and David Miller, Cotton
Cheryl Podtburg, Duluth, and Matthew Jarvimaki, Duluth
Patricia Oyaas, Duluth, and Nicholas Allen, Duluth
Sean Hastings, Duluth, and Mary Ciaccio, Duluth
Jennafer Montgomery, Hermantown, and Bobby Porter, Paducah, Kentucky
Isaiah Williams, Hermantown, and Gabrielle Williams, Hermantown
Lukas Hassett, Duluth, and Katie Leonard, Duluth
Aric Brock, Hoyt Lakes, and Korryn Sorenson, Hoyt Lakes
Matthew Tryon, Duluth, and Lisa Anderson, Duluth
Ashley Carney, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, and Matthew Johnston, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin
Tim Aune, Duluth, and Alicia Sebok, Duluth
Haylee Hamalainen, Hibbing, and Peter Waselk, Hibbing
Carroll Ross, Ely, and Angela Prewitt, Ely
Emily Morrow, Duluth, and Michael Talbot, Duluth
Joseph Stolzman, Duluth, and Rachel Leveille, Duluth
Amber Johnson, Duluth, and Ryan Marshall, Duluth
Cole Lahti, Duluth, and Heather Savela, Duluth
Joseph Lukas, Northfield, Minnesota, and Hannah Polus, Northfield, Minnesota
Kaitlyn Dehnke, Duluth, and Brent Lameyer, Duluth
Samantha Hyduke, Duluth, and Jack Kolar, Duluth
Joseph Lamerand, Duluth, and Emmalee Bradley, Duluth
Michelle Feiss, Blaine, Minnesota, and Carl Gallagher, Blaine, Minnesota
Jason Graber, Duluth, and Brittany Tarrant, Duluth
Jeramie Allen, Cloquet, and Amanda Widell, Cloquet
Haydee Sanchez, Bilings, Montana, and Eric Romero Jr., Duluth
Russell Crawford, Duluth, and Margo Nelson, Duluth
Audrey Schmidt, Duluth, and Paul Norlien, Duluth

Dissolutions of marriage
Stacy Brandenburg, Duluth, and Charles Brandenburg, Duluth
Teresa McKillop, confidential address, and Daniel McKillop, Duluth
Crystal Reich, Duluth, and John Reich, Duluth
Robert Briggs, Hermantown, and Karley Briggs, Cloquet
Mark Bennett, Brookston, and Gail Bennett, Duluth
James Shinners, Duluth, and Gina Shinners, International Falls
Anna Hakes, Duluth, and Justin Ward, Duluth
Rachel Borchardt, Duluth, and Zachary Borchardt, Duluth
Sandra Elfving, no address listed, and Robert Elfving, Cloquet
Ashley Korte, Duluth, and Mark Korte, Duluth
Brandon Hieb, Duluth, and Hope Hieb, Duluth
Todd Johnson, Saginaw, and Rebecca Johnson, Saginaw
Kimberly Myers, Duluth, and Edward Myers, Hibbing
Tyler Johnson, Duluth, and Victoria Johnson, Cloquet
Gavrielle Kalligher, Duluth, and Luke McGarry, Duluth
Breanna Duling, Duluth, and Charles Duling, Washougal, Washington
Layla Kettelhut, Duluth, and Jeremy Kettelhut, Duluth
Jacob Huffman, Cloquet, and Sara Huffman, Cloquet
Jubilee Bond, Duluth, and David Bond, Duluth
Sadie Fromm, Duluth, and Isacc Fromm, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Thomas Hadrava, Eveleth, and Mykle Hadrava, Eveleth
Caroline Aulie, Hermantown, and Justin Aulie, Duluth
Amy Burke, Duluth, and Joseph Walker Jr., Duluth

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.

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