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Marriage applications and divorces, July 2022

Marriage applications and divorces in St. Louis County.

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St. Louis County

July marriage license applications
James Winslow, Georgetown, Texas, and Jerri Klein, Georgetown, Texas
Cody Vandamme, Superior, and Alexandra Jewell Swanson, Superior
Anna Garbers, Broomfield, Colorado, and Benjamin Rykken, Broomfield, Colorado
Ross Ekberg, Duluth, and Amanda Surges, Duluth
Tina Schubitzke, Wrenshall, and Michael Peterson, Wrenshall
Christine Cabelka, Duluth, and Ronald Johnson Jr., Duluth
Anaka Kunst, Duluth, and William Hamilton, Duluth
James Morgan, International Falls, and Ceili Lawrence, International Falls
Morgan Johnson, Superior, and Phillip Sorensen, Superior
Joshua Ronning, Duluth, and Crystal Norris, Duluth
Megan Kreinbring, Superior, and Christian Kroll, Superior
Andera Cable, Danube, Minnesota, and Santos Ledezma, Morton, Minnesota
Eric Butche, Duluth, and Lisa Lochner, Duluth
Aleksie Rengel, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Collin Hahn II, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Lisa Dahlen, Hermantown, and Mathew Lillie, Saginaw
Andrew Kunze, Duluth, and Vanessa Hettinger, Duluth
Melissa Winkler, Duluth, and David Chrysler, Duluth
Anthony Rossi, Proctor, and Cynthia Pianalto, Proctor
Hamilton Smith IV, Duluth, and Kim Nga Tran, Duluth
Dana Weber, Buckeye, Arizona, and Gavin Goodoien, Buckeye, Arizona
Hannah Gottschald, Duluth, and Wil Osborne, Carlton
Benjamin Ware, Duluth, and Lindsey Engblom, Duluth
Sheri Lindberg, Duluth, and Joseph Engstrom, Duluth
Kelsey Nelson, Duluth, and Max Wirz, Duluth
Kyle Heino, Cloquet, and Connor Pride, Cloquet
Jenna Seward, Columbus, Georgia, and Gregory Hatfield, Columbus, Georgia
Katelyn Bell, Duluth, and Ian Mattila, Duluth
Trevor Ingle, Hermantown, and Carissa Davis, Hermantown
David Hautamaki, Duluth, and Kristine Jarvis, Duluth
Carli Soderholm, Duluth, and Matthew Miller, Duluth
Michaela Campbell, Duluth, and Andrew Graham, Duluth
Caitlin Stark, Baxter, Minnesota, and Grant Madison, Duluth
Beth Fruehauf, Duluth, and Daniel Rossow, Duluth
Joshua Carroll, Birchwood, Wisconsin, and Ariana Richards, Spooner
Kristine Polson, Duluth, and Joel Siler, Duluth
Alex Niemi, Duluth, and Samantha Wolfe, Duluth
Tayler Smith, Moose Lake, and Kody Halls, Moose Lake
Austin Ferguson, Duluth, and Alejandra Castillo, Harvie Lake, Minnesota
Leon Kahlstorf, Duluth, and Karen Keil, Hermantown
Glenn Tjaden, Duluth, and Catherine Nelson, Duluth
Blake Orton, Duluth, and Megan Ferge, Duluth
Isaac Rohde, Floodwood, and Meghan Liimatainen, Moose Lake
Marissa Jamesgaard, Hoyt Lakes, and Aaron Schultz, Hoyt Lakes
Austin Scott, Nowthen, Minnesota, and Abigail Bekhit, Nowthen, Minnesota
Brooke Jussila, Superior, and Roger Ellis, Superior
Carley Wills, Babbitt, and Luke Sunne, International Falls
Jessica Kelley, Duluth, and Brady Erdmann, Duluth
Martin Chapinski, Duluth, and Meghan Fermenich, Duluth
Ciera Strongitharm, Hermantown, and Anthony Walsh, Duluth
Hailee Johnson, Brainerd, Minnesota, and Meyin Klin, Duluth
Michelle Sievers, Duluth, and Bradford Wilson, Duluth
Rebecca Solheim, Duluth, and Douglas Tremain, Duluth
Taylor Conger, Duluth, and Keith Tomassoni, Duluth
Chelsea Pipek, Duluth, and Alexander Pederson, Duluth
Justin Currie, Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Janelle Morem, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Jason Lagergren, Lino Lakes, Minnesota, and Laura Harville, Lino Lakes, Minnesota
Hailey Kontny, Superior, and Lucas Hoffmockel, Duluth
Robert Carleton, Duluth, and Maegan Haan, Duluth
Kaylee Pollema, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Garrett Prisk, St. Paul, Minnesota
Kristopher Kapsner, Duluth, and Lark Ekberg, Duluth
Brittany Kall-Aase, Duluth, and Jared Maruska, Duluth
Nichole Deweese, Duluth, and Michael Carey, Duluth
Tawnee Conlon, Floodwood, and Grant Hutchinson, Floodwood
Carly Boder, Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, and Carmeon Hetland, Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin
Michael Robertson Jr., Hermantown, and Molly Peterson, Hermantown
Katryna Bertucci, Virginia, and William Husby, Duluth
Bradley Ackerman, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, and Nicole Lafave, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin
Matthew Blackley, Wausau, Wisconsin, and Sabrina Pfannsmith, Wausau, Wisconsin
Benjamin Lilliberg, Hermantown, and Katie McDougall, Hermantown
Connor Kanuit, Saginaw, and Melissa Madison, Saginaw
Stephanie Anderson, Hermantown, and Zachery Twiest, Hermantown
John Lothert, Barnum, and Hannah Finifrock, Barnum
Andrew Mackey, Duluth, and Maren Anderson, Duluth
Alexandra Zachwieja, Duluth, and Kyle Hawkey, Duluth
Jessica Madison, Duluth, and Joshua Crotty, Duluth
Susan Titus, Aurora, and Daria Kallal, Aurora
Konner Cooke, Duluth, and Juliette Villeneuve, Duluth
Nicholas King, Duluth, and Katherine Ross, Duluth
Tanner Kalina, Centennial, Colorado, and Allison Hall, Centennial, Colorado
Michael Simek, Kelsey, Minnesota, and Jorina Headington, Kelsey, Minnesota
Shawn Janz, Duluth, and Racine Hardin, Duluth
Alison Zaverl, Ely, and John Jylha, Chisholm
Tasha Treadwell, Duluth, and Cameron Luoto, Duluth
Shannon Demarais, Superior, and Jordan Jeseritz, Superior
Jordan Larson, Duluth, and Matthew Caines, Duluth
Zachary Cato, Garntville, Georgia, and Alana Nielsen, Cloquet
Devin Rhoades, Duluth, and Faith Johnson, Duluth
Lyndon Paquette, Superior, and Kalley Bergstrom, Superior
Peter Fauver, Benton Harbor, Michigan, and Tami Miller, Benton Harbor, Michigan
Chasity Lindquist, Duluth, and Jessie Nelson, Duluth
Sophia Del Fiacco, Duluth, and Dawson Averill, Duluth
Kevin Singpiel, Duluth, and Penny Hanson, Duluth
Taylor Olson, Hermantown, and Marissa Wolff, Hermantown
Neil Siegle, Duluth, and Kate Asperheim, Duluth
Carsen Wetzel, Duluth, and Kaine Hanson, Duluth
Dionne Jarvis, Duluth, and Steven Richard, Eveleth
Shane Colemer, Duluth, and Sara Osberg, Duluth
Claudia Duffy, Hayward, and Elizabeth Giguere, Quebec City, Canada
Delainey Warren, Duluth, and Jeremiah Harmadi, Duluth
Brianna Davis, Mentone, California, and Aaron Holley, Mentone, California
Kylie Miller, Duluth, and Zachary Kraft, Duluth
Nathan Jackson, Cloquet, and Jasmine Jefferson, Cloquet
Alexander Wooner, Duluth, and Ashley Fankhauser, Duluth
Carmine Langlois Jr., Duluth, and Becky Rossi, Duluth
Olivia Erickson, Duluth, and Ian Bloom, Duluth
Anders Lund, Barnum, and Elizabeth Stuhaug, Barnum
Danielle Lepage, Duluth, and Justin Otsea, Duluth
Brad Davis, Duluth, and April Knight, Duluth
Keely Gelineau, Duluth, and Stuart Kemp, Upper Caldecotte, England
Lamesha Strother, Duluth, and Kenneth Chester, Duluth
Paul Larson, Duluth, and Patricia Balwin, Duluth
Alexis Gent, Duluth, and Austin Stainbrook, Duluth
Eric Dontje, Duluth, and Hannah Alvar, Duluth
Heather Axtell, Proctor, and Ronald Van Dell, Proctor
Riley Holland, Duluth, and Janah Sevilleja, Duluth
Matthew Curtiss, Superior, and Jennifer Basham, Superior
Marc Witte, Duluth, and Thy Le, Duluth
Christina Luoma, Duluth, and Carl Hardy, Duluth
David Moorhead, Duluth, and Michele Mondoux, Minneapolis
Nicholas Nelson, Superior, and Katherine Richey, Superior
Hannah Todorovich, Two Harbors, and Kirk Wyman, Duluth

Dissolutions of marriage
Jodell Verhel, Afton, Minnesota, and Christopher Verhel, Duluth
Derek Klein, Duluth, and Amanda Klein, Duluth
Mary Johnson, Esko, and Scott Johnson, Esko
Amanda Lee, Duluth, and Robert Lee, Duluth
Kristen Westin, Duluth, and William Westin, Duluth
Julianna Muthu, Duluth, and Sri Muthu, no address listed
Tammy Nesgoda, Two Harbors, and Bradley Nesgoda, Two Harbors
Levi McCracken, Duluth, and Crystal McCracken, Duluth
Lori Vincent, no address listed, and William Vincent, Hibbing
Krista Sivertson, Duluth, and Joseph Sivertson, Duluth
Robert Poissant, Duluth, and Regina Poissant, Duluth
Marc Smith, Proctor, and Donell Smith, Cloquet
Katelyn Mahnke, Hermantown, and Devin Mahnke, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas
Lucas Warrick, Duluth, and Teagan Warrick, Hermantown
Justin Carlson, Hermantown, and Tabatha Carlson, Bemidji, Minnesota
Deborah Sargent, Duluth, and Jordy Sargent, Duluth
James Roland, Duluth, and Jayme Roland, Grand Rapids
Daniel Gilcrist, Bentonville, Arkansas, and Kaitlyn Gilcrist, Duluth
Ginger Wendorf, Duluth, and Daniel Wendorf, Duluth
Christine Fairchild, Duluth, and Patrick Fairchild, Duluth
Tyesha Jones, Duluth, and Damien Floyd, Jacksonville, Florida
Makayla Locklear, Duluth, and Aaron Locklear, Littleton, Colorado

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.

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