Marriage applications and divorces, February 2023

Marriage applications and divorces in St. Louis County.

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St. Louis County

February marriage license applications
Keely Norman, Duluth, and Andrew Aho, Duluth
Frank Gothard, Duluth, and Maria Moctezuma-Grajal, Cloquet
Katherine Lafleur, Duluth, and Nicholas Peloquin, Duluth
Lloyd Nickerson, Saginaw, and Wendy Price, Saginaw
William Kleiner, Drummond, Wisconsin, and Megan Alm, Drummond, Wisconsin
Nicholas Cieminski Knutson, Duluth, and Sonja Flynn, Duluth
Richard Weatherly, Duluth, and Gayle Clynne, Duluth
Damon Blackburn, Duluth, and Kendra Carlton, Duluth
Lillyona Taylor, Duluth, and Cody Miller, Duluth
Connor Coleman, Superior, and Ellie Schlarman, Superior
Tyler Johnson, Duluth, Anne Hofius, Duluth
Kaitlyn Ungerecht, Duluth, and Cole Gewerth, Duluth
Bianca Waliezer, Duluth, and Neil Bruckelmyer, Duluth
Sarah Ingle, Cloquet, and Zachary Royer, Cloquet
Deyja Ross, Duluth, and Frank Aurelio, Duluth
Jonathan Martin, Superior, and Abigail Kunze, Carrollton, Texas
Brooke Schlador, Superior and Jeffrey Scott, Superior
Claire Williamson, Hayward, and Nicholas Heinen, Hayward
Stacey Johnson, Duluth, and Bradley Smith, Duluth
Nicholas Williams, Duluth, and Ashley Leming, Duluth

Dissolutions of marriage
Shaunessy Dunkle, confidential address, and Ashley Ericksen, Duluth
Jack Morlen, Duluth, and Camilla Soares, Bellingham, Washington
Maria Erickson, Duluth, and Richard Erickson, Duluth
Andrea Anderson, Duluth, and Thomas Anderson, Duluth
Jordan Bunt, Duluth, and Christine Bunt, Duluth
Chelsea Gradine, Duluth, and Tyler Gradine, Superior
Maurion Travis, Duluth, and Marquita Bowser, Duluth
Charles Clore II, Duluth, and Tammy Clore, Duluth
Ruth Reising, South St. Paul, Minnesota, and Nicholas Reising, Duluth
Nicole Krzoska, no address listed, and Jacob Krzoska, Bruno, Minnesota
Taylor Smith, Duluth, and Reuben Smith, Duluth
Nicole Johnson, Duluth, and Kevin Johnson, Duluth
Leah Roushar, Duluth, and Richard Roushar III, Duluth
Wade Schadewald, Duluth, and Mary Schadewald, Duluth
Christopher Lindberg, Duluth, and Heidi Lindberg, Duluth
Heidi Mengelkoch, Duluth, and Tony Mengelkoch, Duluth
Ashley Martinez, Duluth, and Landon Martinez, Duluth
Heidi Farmer, Duluth, and Justin Farmer, Cotton
Kathy Lund, Duluth, and Jesse Lund, Duluth
Laurie Brownfield, Duluth, and Lowell Brownfield, Jr., Omaha, Nebraska
Kyle Youngblom, Duluth, and Ljuba Youngblom, Oakland, California
Patricia Nadeau, Duluth and Laurence Nadeau Jr., Duluth
Dominic Cannata III, Duluth, and Altonya Cannata, Duluth
Pavel Mikhasenok, Duluth, and Cynthia Shoup, Duluth
Samantha Beatty, Duluth and Anthony Smith, Duluth

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