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Marriage applications and divorces, August 2022

Marriage applications and divorces in St. Louis County.

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St. Louis County

August marriage license applications
Byron Timo, Two Harbors, and Susan Mickelson, Duluth
Crystal Detlefsen, Duluth, and Joseph Abernethy, Duluth
Amy Reece, Barnum, and Andrew Egger, Garner, North Carolina
Emily Pavlovic, Duluth, and Sean Smith, Duluth
Michael Mayou, Duluth, and Melissa Lager, Duluth
John Hollingsworth, Duluth, and Jill Gaeta, Duluth
Mikayla Allan, Superior, and Santiago Suomi, Superior
Samantha Lamberta, Stacy, Minnesota, and Justin Hilfers, Eveleth
Molly Hessian, Duluth, and Mason Hieb, Duluth
Kevin Swanson, Duluth, and Andrea Shevich, Duluth
Austin Brossart, Duluth, and Megan Wines, Duluth
Brandon King, Superior, and Tristen Ellis, Duluth
Summit Kuehn, Duluth, and Steven Maylan, Duluth
Lucas Baumtrog, Superior, and Amanda Rindy, Superior
Emily O'Brien, Duluth, and Parker Hawk, Duluth
Alexis Munter, Duluth, and Taylor Persson, Duluth
Rachael Shenett, Saginaw, and Daniel Watterson, Saginaw
Jennifer Mertz, Duluth, and Mark Anderson, Duluth
Nicholas Lashinski, Lewisville, Texas, and Stephanie Meals, Lewisville, Texas
Ryan Palmquist, Duluth, and Sarah Zahler, Duluth
Kala Pedersen, Duluth, and Alexander Rogers, Duluth
Wade Genadek, Willow River, and Amber Curtis, Superior
Taylor Roberts, Solon Springs, and Joseph Martin, Solon Springs
Alex Larson, Duluth, and Kyrie Anderson, Brule
Taylor Higley, Duluth, and Joshua Lemke, Duluth
Christian Fraser, Duluth, and Hanna Durfee, Duluth
Ryan Dumm, Duluth, and Christine Gagnon, Duluth
Samuel Miller, Duluth, and Lyla Abukhodair, Duluth
Wesley Magnuson, Hoyt Lakes, and Sabrina Durieu, Point-Noire, Republic of Congo
Jiro Kanno, Duluth, and Mary Jane Pasuquin, Duluth
Emma Kenyon, Duluth, and Logan Olsen, Duluth
Lindsey Lindstrom, Philadephia, Pennsylvania, and Clay Sekely, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ryan Jahnke, Duluth, and Allison Munich, Hayward
David Olson, Duluth, and Paige Ciocarelli, Duluth
Ashley McCann, Park Falls, Wisconsin, and Joshua Welch, Park Falls, Wisconsin
Alec Upperton, Duluth, and Keandra Schumacher, Duluth
Ryan Hesselink, Eagle, Colorado, and Patricia Hodapp, Eagle, Colorado
Caelee Aschenbrenner, Duluth, and Joshua Buell, Duluth
Amanda Moe, Duluth, and Sean Haltom, Duluth
Catherine Flood, Duluth, and Carlin Jackson-Page, Duluth
Jacob Gomez, Duluth, and Brandie Smith, Duluth
Cassie Olson, Saginaw, and Troy Williams, Saginaw
Kathryn Keller, Deer Park, Wisconsin, and Della Christ, Little Canada, Minnesota
Autumn Myers, Duluth, and Michael Schwanke, Duluth
Joel Ransom, Poplar, and Madeline Drayna, Poplar
Melissa Griffith, Duluth, and Martin Garrick, Duluth
Ellen Root, Babbitt, and Van Conrad, Babbitt
Demi Harteau, Duluth, and Megan Longtin, Hermantown
Emily Bushnell, Duluth, and Derek Johnson, Duluth
Jared Ryan, Keewatin, and Alyssa Fincher, Keewatin
Angel Maloney, Duluth, and Griffin Hutchins, Duluth
River Demars, Duluth, and Sophia Krikava, Duluth
Brenda Anderson, Canyon, and Michael Acheson, Canyon
John Jackson, Boulder, Colorado, and Rochelle Brooks, Boulder, Colorado
Riley Kolquist, Duluth, and Brenna Alfredson, Duluth
Michael Alseth, Duluth, and Anne Dickson, Duluth
Erik Prescott, Superior, and Suzanne Ekman, Duluth
Miranda Seafolk, Hermantown, and Matthew Danielson, Hermantown
Laurence Rom, Ely, and Susan Hario, Ely
Emma Barry, Duluth, and Jack Mages, Duluth
Mathew Solberg, Duluth, and Jessica Minotte, Duluth
Brittany Rask, Saginaw, and Darin Bratland, Saginaw
Matthew Wood, Canyon, and Jada Williams, Virginia
Nolan Folkert, Elgin, Minnesota, and Alyssa McLaughlin, Duluth
Matthew Minea, Duluth, and Leah Brumfield, Holyoke
Matthew Lafontaine, Duluth, and Cassaundra Carlson, Duluth
Callie Johns, Duluth, and Christian Ripley, Duluth
Christopher Engstrom, Duluth, and Devyn Leshovsky, Duluth
Bradley Zwagerman, Savage, Minnesota, and Claire Weber, Stillwater, Minnesota
Myah Avila-Alvarez, Superior and Drifton Johnson, Superior
Daniel Jacques, Duluth, and Alyssa Schwanke, Duluth
Brandon Moe, Duluth, and Christine Engen, Duluth
Jeremiah Teer, Duluth, and Carlena Carrington, Duluth
Darian Rodgers, Chipley, Florida, and Santos Zavala, Metarie, Louisiana
William Florin, Apple Valley, Minnesota, and Heather Vath, Burnsville, Minnesota
Dennis Montana, Duluth, and Jeska Schreiber, Duluth
Max Skerke, Duluth, and Megan Ecker, Duluth
Celka Buss, Duluth, and Nikolas Himley, Duluth
Travis Livingston, Superior, and Megan Tobin, Superior
Joanna Hale, Duluth, and Justin Flaata, Duluth
Alyssa Lammi, Moose Lake, and Cody Anderson, Moose Lake
Cassandra Trachsel, Superior, and Hayden Anick, Superior
James Loisel, Duluth, and Jodeen Hutchings, Duluth
Eric Carlson, Duluth, and Briana Golesh, Duluth
Kerrigan Boyer, Duluth, and Forrest Christilly, Solon Springs
Ashley Blouhy, Hermantown, and Corey Rankin, Hermantown
Kody Cooke, Eveleth, and Lauren Besser, Eveleth
Claire Mayhew, Big Lake, Minnesota, and Nickolas Jones, Big Lakes, Minnesota
Andrew Loewen, Everett, Washington, and Emma Larson, Bothell, Washington
Rebecca Piper, Duluth, and Willie Haynes, Duluth
Tate Niehuas, Alborn, and Cecelia Manty, Duluth
Nicholas Cotton, Duluth, and Lauren Reisem, Duluth
Rylee Fanning, Duluth, and Sean Fontaine, Duluth
Michael Riddle, Duluth, and Alyssa Schaefer, Duluth
Jaimie Maki, Duluth, and Derek Wohlers, Duluth
Justin Luczak, Superior, and Laura Semrad, Superior
Kiera Millaway, Duluth, and Wyatt Roodell, Duluth
Ryan Campbell, Duluth, and Jessica Schaefer, Duluth
Tori Rosenau, Frederic, Wisconsin, and Joseph Heredia, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Karissa Rosati, Two Harbors, and John Overly, Two Harbors
Dennis Johnson, Superior, and Ernest Orosco, Superior
James O'Neal, Ashland, and Leigh Carpenter, Ashland
Claire Conway, Superior, and Joseph Brinkman, Superior
Katherine Olson, Floodwood, and Wesley Foy, Floodwood
Jake Gould, Duluth, and Karlee Tierney, Duluth
Lisa Poole, Duluth, and Paul McKay, Duluth
Nathan Elliott, Merrill, Wisconsin, and Noel Poitra, Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin
Rochelle Luoma, Duluth, and Daniel Cosgrove, Duluth
Shania Peterson, Proctor, and Chase Lind, Proctor
Jessica Mathison, Duluth, and Derrick Tyler, Duluth
Jessica Crosley, Gilbert, Arizona, and Tyler Ramsey, Gilbert, Arizona
David Gaglairdi, Duluth, and Ashley Schwantke, Duluth
Lexie Swartwoudt, Duluth, and Zakary Crunden, Duluth
Bailey Bonicatto, Duluth, and Malia Putzel, Duluth
Ryan Stromberg, Duluth, and Kathryn Bull, Duluth
Jake Marinan, Duluth, and Brooke Wright, Duluth
Maria Eskro, Clyde Park, Montana, and Zachary Brown, Clyde Park, Montana
Alexander Carlson, Duluth, and Brenna Vanyo, Duluth
Alex Ostman, Duluth, and Amy Hanley, Duluth
Hailey Pitoscia, Duluth, and Martial Nash, Duluth
Lauren Penttinen, Duluth, and Montana Kozlowski, Duluth
Danielle Stenberg, Duluth, and Jeffrey Clasen, Duluth
Daniel Riddle, Proctor, and Nicole Sjoquist, Proctor
Leah Mornes-Kulcsar, Floodwood, and Zachery McClelland, Floodwood
Kati Andrews, Duluth, and Ilana Yokel, Duluth
Benjamin Bergerson, Cloquet, and Kayla Wherley, Cloquet
Mary Hunt, Hermantown, and Ryan Sloan, Hermantown
Maggie Royce, Duluth, and Zachary Baltich, Duluth
Joel Hoofard, Duluth, and Melody Murray, Duluth
Benjamin Hilsen, Bismarck, North Dakota, and Jennifer Kienzle, Bismarck, North Dakota
Hannah Hill, Hibbing, and Aaron Garrelts, Hibbing
Taryn Vavra, Hermantown, and Brandon Hensel, Hastings, Minnesota
Karlee Nelson, Duluth, and Chance Finke, Duluth
Mairin Emery, Duluth, and Isaiah Read, Duluth
Ashley Anderson, Duluth, and Jerry Frausto, Duluth
Jacquelyn Berg, Duluth, and Tyler Johnson, Duluth
Alexander Laitala, Bemidji, Minnesota, and Kendall Jarboe, Duluth

Dissolutions of marriage
Debra Berndt-Tuttle, Duluth, and Jason Tuttle, Los Alamos, New Mexico
Michael Drinkwater, Duluth, and Heather Drinkwater, Duluth
Nichole Kearney, Duluth, and Donovan Gustafson, South Range
Madeleine Rogers, Duluth, and Zakkariah Rogers, Duluth
Julie Nicholson, no address listed, and Eric Nicholson, Duluth
Constance McCune, Duluth, and Anthony McCune Jr., Rockford, Illinois
Brooke Sunde, Duluth, and Brian Sunde, Duluth
Allison Lockett Silverness, Saginaw, and Matthew Silverness, Saginaw
Stephanie Allen, Duluth, and Brian Allen, Duluth
Jordan Scholz, Sturgeon Lake, and Dustin Scholz, Duluth
Amy Hiemenz, Hermantown, and Dale Hiemenz, Duluth
Kelly Pierce, Duluth, and Brice Pierce, Duluth
Phoebe Davis, Duluth, and Jeremy Davis, Duluth
Jordan Walker, Duluth, and Kyle Mileski, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Katelin Bigalke, Duluth, and Joshua Erdman, Duluth
Zachary Walters, Duluth, and Shannon Walters, Duluth
Hilary Buckwalter Kesti, Duluth, and Nathan Kesti, Duluth
Laurel Burke, Duluth, and William Burke, Hermantown
Lauren Smith, Duluth, and Nathaniel Kerr, Sun Lake, Arizona
Alex Totheroh, Duluth, and Hannah Kirkland, Duluth
Gene Turcotte, Duluth, and Lynn Turcotte, Duluth
Eric Johnson, Floodwood, and Kandi Johnson, Carlton
Kristy Eckart, Duluth, and Todd Eckart, Duluth
Sumlee Beede, Duluth, and Curtis Beede, Duluth
Julie Soderberg, Duluth, and Han Soderberg, Duluth
Yolanda Burch, Duluth, and John Burch, Duluth
Teresa Lowrie, Duluth, and Earl Lowrie, Cameron, Wisconsin
Kayla Beal, Duluth, and Steven Dorshkind, Duluth

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.

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