Marriage applications and divorces, April 2022

Marriage applications and divorces in St. Louis County.

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St. Louis County

April marriage license applications
Duayne Anderson, Saginaw, and Barbara Oswell, Duluth
Peter Saarela, Duluth, and Shanna Skallet, Duluth
Paige McCubbin, Duluth, and Derek Fabini, Hermantown
Pamela Landsteiner, Duluth, and Benjamin Mundell, Rochester, Minnesota
Elizabeth Jones, Duluth, and Logan Tolene-Stoner, Siren, Wisconsin
Kayla O'Rourke, Duluth, and Donald Kobish Jr., Ypsilanti, Michigan
Mia Simonson, Duluth, and Gary Homola, Yacolt, Washington
Justine Herbes, Superior, and Robert Frye, Superior
Mark Tessier, Lino Lakes, Minnesota, and Elizabeth Hauer, Lino Lakes, Minnesota
Matthew Klassen, Duluth, and Sarah Bowman, Duluth
Adam Reno, Proctor and Lindsay Gaffke, Proctor
Megan Miller, Duluth, and Patrick Keogan, Duluth
Mikel Winmill, Beulah, North Dakota, and Bertha Smith, Beulah, North Dakota
Morgan Babineau, Duluth, and Mitchell Paulson, Duluth
Ronald Shimmin, Duluth, and Joni Hetrick, Duluth
Joseph Melchiori, Gwinn, Michigan, and Jolene Traut, Gwinn, Michigan
Shantelle Townley, Duluth, and Samuel Alford, Duluth
Troy Johnson, Duluth, and Jacqueline O'Leary, Duluth
Camille Traylor, Duluth, and Philip Monson, Duluth
Vincent Surges, Duluth, and Allison Erickson, Proctor
Kelsey Swieringa, Duluth, and Anthony Stewart, Duluth
Amanda Duren, Duluth, and Jesse Kimball, Duluth
Peyton Carlstrom, Duluth, and Austin Sommerfeld, Duluth
Cody Tomlinson, Hermantown, and Kierstyn Fibert, Hermantown
Claire Petersen, Duluth, and Andrew Kirwan, Duluth
Noah Beardslee, Duluth, and Pamela Jahnke, Duluth
Anthony Nelson, Clqouet, and Amanda Newcomb, Cloquet
Samantha Hanson, Duluth, and Travis Anderson, Duluth
Nicholas Bucci, Duluth, and Skylar Anderson, Duluth
Andrew Armstrong, Maple, Wisconsin, and Christina Furey, Duluth
Justin Ward, Duluth, and Samantha Le Page, Duluth
Ari Erola, Duluth, and Austin Nelson, Grand Rapids
Frank Wrazidlo Jr., Duluth, and Alexis Cartwright, Duluth
Roy Johnson, Duluth, and Jamie Ly, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Shane Benson, Duluth, and Jennifer Garthus, Duluth
Joshua Standley, Duluth, and Christina Jaeger, Duluth
Tyon Booher, Eveleth, and Melanie Bailey, Virginia
Marcus Neumaier, DeForest, Wisconsin, and Amanda Dresen, DeForest, Wisconsin
Roger Fealy, Saginaw, and Brenda Ehnes, Saginaw
Megan Chumich, Duluth, and Blake Wrazidlo, Duluth
Mandilin Ramsey, Duluth, and Devin Dolsen, Duluth
Keri Redding, Duluth, and Scott Sterbenz, Duluth
Tyler Monson, Duluth, and Nicolle Scanlon, Duluth
Samuel Thiesse, Duluth, and Cory Christensen, Duluth
Kacia Hagan, Duluth, and Bernhard Von Rabenau, Duluth
Garret Eliason-Johnson, Duluth, and Elle Jessico, Duluth
Krystal Carl, Duluth, and Chad Tuve, Duluth
Tashanna Brooks, Duluth, and Alexis Aaron, Nederland, Texas
Jenny Fehnel, Duluth, and Matthew Hughes, Duluth
Kimberly Luedtke, Duluth, and Maureen Sholly, Duluth
Adeline Gerdes, Duluth, and Noah Miller, Duluth
Katelyn Becker, Duluth, and Derek Schommer, Pierz, Minnesota
Caitlin McNeal, Ashland, and Dustin Vickerman, Ashland
Andrew Sapp, Duluth, and Allison Pegoraro, Duluth
Ethan Wolfe, Duluth, and Kristina Kangas, Duluth
Spencer Trost, Duluth, and Rachelle Jenson, Duluth
Breanna Jacobson, Proctor, and Jordan Yetzer, Lonsdale, Minnesota
Eleazar Leal Gonzalez, Duluth, and Kelly Pechous, Hibbing
Seth Noll, Two Harbors, and Whitney Raygor, Two Harbors
Allison Rakowski, Ashland, and Dray Carl, Ashland
Marissa Abrahamson, Hermantown, and Spencer Chapinski, Hermantown
Samantha Thompson, Duluth, and Eric Paternoster, Duluth
Tanner Klobucher, Black River Falls, Wisconsin, and Rachel Anttila, Lake Nebagamon
Sara Staples, Duluth, and Brian Davis, Duluth
Bryce Zesiger, Exeland, Wisconsin, and Rebecca Johnston, Floodwood
Jessica Saba, Duluth, and Nicholas Nistler, Duluth
Rose Kruse, Wabasha, Minnesota, and Will Yager, Wabasha, Minnesota
Nancy Shega, Duluth, and Bruce Beste, Crane Lake
Kaitlyne Langer, Mankato, Minnesota, and Richard Sargent, Mankato, Minnesota
Elissa Kinney, Weldon Spring, Missouri, and Jonathan Troland, Weldon Spring, Missouri
Chad Bandy, Proctor, and Heidi-Jo Lien, Proctor
McKayla Stumm, Arlington, Minnesota, and Luke Narveson, Belle Plaine, Minnesota
Courtney Kimball, Duluth, and Derek Mattila, Duluth
Loni Leppioja, Superior, and Lance Stallsmith, Superior

Dissolutions of marriage
Samantha Paulson, confidential address, and Thaddeus Paulson, no address listed
Nels Kimball Sr., Duluth, and Char Kimball, Duluth
Jacob Glunz, Hermantown, and Rachel Glunz, Hermantown
Carlie Corrigan, Duluth, and Robert Mrotek Jr., Duluth
Shelly McMinn, Duluth, and Brian McMinn, Iron River, Wisconsin
Liberty Bensoni, Saginaw, and Jeffrey Peterson, Two Harbors
Joshua Smith, Superior, and Lacey Smith, Duluth
Nancy Wrazidlo, Duluth, and Ronald Wrazidlo, Duluth
Troy Stingley, Duluth, and Tina Stingley, Hermantown
Tamara Wallen, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Timothy Wallen, Duluth
Michael LaLonde, Proctor and Nicole LaLonde, Duluth
Jessica Johnsen, Duluth, and Samantha Mohn-Johnsen, Duluth
Marcus Ervin Sr., Duluth, and LuJuanna Ervin, Duluth
Justin Gulden, Hermantown, and Rebecca Gulden, Hermantown
Tia Selix, Duluth, and Jaison Jaworski, Duluth
Kelsey Roseth, Duluth, and George Peterson, Duluth
Marianne Robles, Hermantown, and Oscar Tornel, Duluth
Sydney Soumis, Duluth, and Nathan Soumis, Hermantown
Melinda Gulbranson, Duluth, and Devon Gulbranson, Duluth
Keith McDonald, Duluth, and Danajia McDonald, Minneapolis
Steven Wickman, Duluth, and Angela Wickman, Duluth
Kerry Heil, Duluth, and Alexander Heil, Duluth
Josie Scheiterlein, Duluth, and Adam Scheiterlein, Duluth
Lana Arro, Saginaw, and Cole Arro, Floodwood
Chad MacDougall, Duluth, and Crystal MacDougall, Hermantown
Alyssa Shovein, Duluth, and Joshua Shovein, Duluth
Benjamin Vantassel, Duluth, and Kristi Vantassel, Duluth
Lisa Greene, Duluth, and Jerome Greene, Cromwell
Roseli Cain, Duluth, and Frederic Cain, Duluth
Melissa Fox, Duluth, and Jeremy Fox, no address listed
Shawn Ziells, Duluth, and Karla Ziells, Duluth
Brittany Graber, Duluth, and Jason Graber, Duluth
Paula Wolfe, Culver, and Robert Wolfe, Medical Lake, Minnesota
Theresa Flesvig, Duluth, and Ronald Flesvig, Duluth
Esther Derby, Duluth, and Jeffrey Lee, Lutsen
Rachael Pederson, Proctor, and Ryan Pederson, Shell Lake, Wisconsin
Reid Ellingson, Duluth, and Macie Ellingson, Duluth
Roxanne Scranton, Brimson, and Kevin Scranton, Brimson

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.

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