Iron Range doctor sentenced for sexual assault

Edmund Draper can keep the conviction off his record after two years of community supervision, but he won't be allowed to return to medical practice.


An Iron Range doctor was formally ordered to surrender his medical license as he was sentenced Friday for sexually assaulting a patient.

Edmund William Draper, 74, of Biwabik Township, has not practiced since at least August 2019, several months after he was first charged with groping the woman. The sentence handed down Friday by Judge Michelle Anderson solidifies a plea agreement Draper reached with the St. Louis County Attorney's Office in June.

In pleading guilty to a gross misdemeanor count of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, Draper admitted to using his hands to squeeze the woman's buttocks and the side of her breasts without her consent during a routine medical appointment, acknowledging that his actions amounted to the legal definition of "sexual contact" and that there was no legitimate medical purpose for it.

Under the terms of the agreement, Draper received a stay of adjudication, which will allow the conviction to stay off his record if he successfully completes two years of supervised probation.

In addition to giving up his license, Anderson ordered the doctor to follow recommendations of a psychosexual evaluation, have no contact with the victim and abstain from alcohol and drug use, among other conditions.


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Draper was charged in April 2019, about three months after the victim first reported that the doctor had been groping and kissing her during her monthly pain management meetings. According to a criminal complaint, the woman was able to provide cellphone video corroborating her account.

The victim, who had been under Draper's care since 2016, told police that the doctor had started touching her in ways and locations that made her uncomfortable as time went on.

Police said the Jan. 11, 2019, video recorded by the victim showed Draper touching the victim's breasts, pulling her into a hug and kissing her on the lips. The victim was described as appearing "uncomfortable with this behavior." Nonetheless, Draper was then seen grabbing her buttocks and again pulling her into a hug and kiss.

"The victim reported she was in shock at the defendant's behavior and it has made her feel 'confused and gross,'" the complaint stated. "She also noted that the defendant would withhold giving her a prescription until after he, as she described, 'copped a feel.'"

PREVIOUSLY: Iron Range doctor admits to groping patient, will give up license

Police said the video confirmed that the patient was not given her prescription until after Draper groped and kissed her.

The victim told police that she had started looking for a new doctor as a result of Draper's behavior, with her disclosure to another physician apparently resulting in the filing of a complaint at the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. She then received a letter from Draper terminating their relationship.

Draper in August 2019 entered into a stipulation with the medical board, agreeing to immediately cease practice, pending further disciplinary findings or stipulation.


Draper earned his medical degree in 1975 from the University of Bristol in his native England and was first licensed in Minnesota in 1995. He was certified in post-acute and long-term care and operated a small office called the Iron Range Clinic in Eveleth.

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