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We've recently made some updates to our site, and subscribers may notice a couple of small changes in the way they access the e-paper.

Instructions for Subscribers

When clicking on the e-paper link from the site or a daily e-edition email, users will be prompted to log in. If you’re an existing subscriber and you’ve already activated the free digital access that comes with your subscription, you’ll simply enter the username and password that you registered with and then you’ll be able to continue reading the e-edition.

If you’re an existing subscriber but have NOT yet activated the free digital access that comes with your subscription, you’ll need to take a few steps to set up your digital account, and then you’ll be able to log in to view the e-edition.

  1. Go to and click the "Activate Now" button.
  2. You will be prompted to register. Enter the email address and password you'd like to associate with your digital account, check that you've read the Terms and Conditions, and select "Register." Note: You’ll use this username and password on the site moving forward. Any username and password you once used to log in to the site will no longer work.
  3. In the screen that follows, you'll fill out a few key pieces of information that will help us locate your existing subscription. It's important that this information matches the address and telephone information we have on file for your subscription already, as that's what helps us grant you your free digital access.

Once you've completed connecting your existing subscription to your digital account, you'll be free to read the e-edition whenever you'd like! You may simply be prompted to log in at your next visit. Any time you log in to the site, you can check the "Keep me logged in" box, which allows the site to remember you, minimizing the amount of times you have to log in during future visits.


The e-edition is a membership benefit, so you’ll need to have an active membership in order to read the paper in this format. Becoming a member is easy! Simply go to and select the offer you’d like -- you can subscribe to digital-only access or a combination of digital and print home delivery. From there, follow the steps on screen to complete your subscription and access unlimited news in your favorite formats anytime.

The e-paper is a great way to read the news in the same curated format as the physical paper -- just without the paper. It’s especially helpful on bad-weather days when you might be experiencing delays in your delivery or when you simply want to take the news with you in a convenient format using your tablet or mobile device.

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