While concerns about the opioid epidemic and employment opportunities are prominent in St. Louis County, residents are still happy with their quality of life, according to recently released survey results.

The county uses the data, which was released Tuesday, to guide budget discussions, influence possible new projects and determine where resources should be allocated, according to Dana Kazel, communications manager for St. Louis County. The survey asked residents about their opinions on health concerns, quality of life and safety, among other things.

Residents of St. Louis County rated the quality of life on average as 70 on a 100-point scale — up nearly 10 points from more than a decade ago.

Specific opinions about quality of life — including those about recreational opportunities and cost of living — were rated higher compared to 2016. But thoughts about the county serving as a good place to retire fell by four points over the past three years.

Employment opportunity remained the lowest-ranked quality of life characteristic this year. People gave “employment opportunities” a 42 out of 100.

This year, residents were asked for the first time about the opioid epidemic — and responses show people held major concerns about the epidemic. County residents on average rated the opioid epidemic an 80 out of 100, with "100" meaning most concerned.

The survey was conducted by the National Research Center, Inc. It was mailed to 2,100 randomly selected residents in each district and had a response rate of around 33 percent, resulting in a margin of error of around 5 percent.

Survey results can be viewed at bit.ly/2WzKlsl.