St. Louis County's latest tax-forfeited land auction, held online due to COVID-19 precautions, ended with 29 properties sold, totaling $764,250. The online auction closed Feb. 11.

Among the 29 properties purchased, 20 had competing bids resulting in sales above the original listing price. A 17-acre parcel near Birch Lake in Unorganized Township 6112 sold for $151,100, more than five times its original listing price; and a house in Ely sold for $47,150, nearly $20,000 more than its original listing. Additionally, two formerly blighted properties that had been cleaned up were sold, as well as six lakeshore lots, a county news release said last week.

Properties that were not purchased at the auction are available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis through the St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department until sold or put back on the online auction.

There are approximately 125 properties currently available for sale. The list of those properties, along with results from this latest auction, can be found online at

St. Louis County has two more tax-forfeited property auctions scheduled in June and October. Additional auctions of properties that remain unsold from previous sales also occur throughout the year.