The city of Duluth has released a music video aimed at boosting U.S. Census response rates.

The song, "Let it Shine," is performed in English, Spanish and Ojibwe by a number of local artists, with stylish shots of city scenes serving as a backdrop. The song, according to the city, "has a very powerful message about how everyone counts and everyone can be a voice for their community."

Duluth received a $5,000 grant from the state of Minnesota and the Minneapolis Foundation to produce the video. It was produced by Sandra and Daniel Oyinloye of DanSan Creatives, with participants receiving a stipend for taking part.

The song is performed by Rudy Perrault, Karen Genis Valdez, Nitaa Nagamokwe, Charles Obije, Diona Johnson, Lauren Cooper, Jeremy Gardner, Popo Perrault, Corey McCauley and Ingeborg von Agassiz.

The video is available on the city's Facebook page.