County administrator Matt Huddleston received recognition from colleagues at the Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) at the Lake County Board of Commissioners action meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Huddleston received the Outstanding Service Award from AMC at the annual awards dinner in December. The award is presented to "individuals who have exhibited exceptional leadership, innovation and/or participation in county government and the association" according to AMC. AMC's government relations manager Matt Hilgart and member engagement coordinator Ryan Erdmann traveled to Lake County to recognize Huddleston in front of the board.

"I know how humble and quiet Matt is, but this is a big deal," Hilgart said. "He's someone I've worked with on a regular basis and I’ve always appreciated his communication. When he's shooting back emails at 10 p.m. on a Thursday night when the Legislature is still in session and I have a question on PILT [payment in lieu of taxes] or something like that. He’s always represented Lake County, even at that hour of the night."

Erdmann said the award also reflected well on the county staff and board.

"I think any time you have someone who’s a successful county staff person or administrator, there’s some credit that goes to the board and staff," Erdmann said. "There are certainly county administrators who survive in spite of their boards, but the really effective administrators and staff are working together with their boards. Everyone’s pulling in the same direction."

County commissioners also recognized Huddleston.

"We'd be remiss if we didn't also congratulate you on the honor," said Lake County Board Chair Rich Sve.