How does the city of Silver Bay plan to spend taxpayers’ money in 2020?

Silver Bay City Administrator Lana Fralich presented the 2020 levy and budget information during the city's truth in taxation hearing at City Hall on Monday, Dec. 2.

The city is planning a 3.9% tax levy increase, which amounts to $56,500. Silver Bay saw an increase in tax capacity from 2019 of 6.1%.

The city isn't looking to take on many new projects next year, but plans to continue projects such as the second phase of the Black Beach Campground and the preliminary treatment project at the wastewater treatment plant. Two new projects included in the preliminary budget include paving the City Hall parking lot and possibly the Mary MacDonald Center parking lot.

However, the city is seeing an increase in debt service payments due to the number of projects it took on last year, including improvements to the liquor store, City Hall, public works shop and sanitary sewer and the first phase of the Black Beach Campground.

"Otherwise, everything is coming back to normal. We’ll be re-evaluating our financial position and preparing for the next planning cycle," Fralich said.

On the revenue side of things, Fralich said the city will see an increase of local government aid by $27,500 and taconite production aid by $64,00.

The council did not take action on the proposed budget or levy but plan to do so at the next meeting Dec. 16. No public comments specifically addressed the budget or levy amount. Rather, residents were concerned with the valuations and tax estimates received in the mail the previous week.