An anti-hate resolution sponsored by Councilors Gary Anderson and Renee Van Nett passed the Duluth City Council by a 7-0 vote Monday night, with councilors Em Westerlund and Jay Fosle absent.

Anderson said the resolution was prompted in large part by racist flyers recently posted in Leif Erikson Park. The newly adopted measure reaffirms "Duluth's commitment to the values of inclusion, equity and justice."

He said the resolution will accomplish two things: "It will request that (city) administration develop a program to have city staff look at issues around implicit bias and diversity ... and the second thing is to ask the Human Rights Commission to work with the community to promote the values expressed in this resolution."

Van Nett, who is Native American, said she considers it important for the community to respond to racism and confront it through the resolution.

"I was working through it with administration, Councilor Anderson and different folks, having a discussion about my own safety putting this forward, because it feels risky to do it. If you're a person of color, you would know what that means. You would understand what that means," she said, thanking councilors for their support.