Two liquor license holders on St. Louis County lakes figure to serve short suspensions in the coming weeks for being caught serving alcohol to minors.

Gruben’s Marina and Village, on Lake Vermilion, and The Oasis, on Sand Lake north of Virginia, were reported for violations which took place June 1, said county board documents filed in both cases.

Both violations and penalty recommendations appeared on the St. Louis County Board’s committee of the whole agenda in advance of Tuesday’s scheduled meetings at the Great Scott Town Hall in Kinney (404 Main St.).

The establishments were in agreement with the county on penalties, county documents said

The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office reported the infractions to the county attorney and auditor. Following that, the St. Louis County Liquor Licensing Committee met at length Tuesday in Duluth.

The committee recommended 10-day license suspensions and $1,000 in civil penalties in both cases.

For Gruben’s, the committee recommended enforcement of a two-day suspension with eight days and $800 stayed for one year “on the condition that the licensee have no same or similar violations during that year (ending Aug. 13, 2020),” a county board letter said. The date of the two-day suspension is set to be Sept. 10-11.

The Oasis will serve a one-day suspension Aug. 20 and pay a $200 fine, with the remaining nine days and $800 stayed for one year on the condition there be no further violations before Aug. 13, 2020.

Provided the recommended penalties hold up to a committee of the whole vote next week, the county board would vote on the penalties at a Sept. 3 meeting at the courthouse in Duluth.

The legal drinking age in Minnesota is 21 and has been since 1986.

Officially, The Oasis is located in Unorganized Township 60-18, and Gruben’s in Greenwood Township at 4296 Arrowhead Point Road, Tower.