St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Kilo will be retiring this weekend.

Kilo is a German shepherd who specializes in narcotics detection and searching for suspects and evidence. He has served with the Sheriff’s Office since 2011, racking up 291 deployments, 37 criminal apprehensions, 32 public demonstrations and more than $30,000 in narcotics and cash seizures.

“Working with Kilo for the past eight years has been the highlight of my career. I will truly miss having him at my side every day,” said Sgt. Brandon Silgjord, Kilo’s partner.

In recent months, Kilo has been showing increasing signs of age-related medical concerns, which lead to the decision to retire him, a news release said. Kilo is 9 years old and will transition to a full-time family pet, staying with Silgjord’s family.

The Sheriff’s Office will soon begin the process to purchase and train a new police dog with the help from the Amsoil Northland Law Enforcement K-9 Foundation.