A bill that would expedite the construction of Enbridge’s contentious Line 3 oil pipeline has moved through the Minnesota Legislature, but the governor is not likely to sign it.

The Minnesota Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that would require the state to approve the Line 3 pipeline along its preferred route instead of relying on the Public Utilities Commission decision in June. The House passed the bill on Monday.

Gov. Mark Dayton in March said he would veto the bill. In a statement Wednesday, Dayton said the bill bypasses the existing regulatory steps.

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“It would destroy the integrity of the process designed to protect the public interest that has been in place for 43 years,” Dayton said.

Margaret Levin, state director of the Sierra Club North Star Chapter, also expressed opposition.

"Minnesotans deserve better than this politically-motivated short circuit of the review process for Line 3. Our legislators are supposed to represent the people, not Enbridge. We urge Governor Dayton to veto this irresponsible bill," Levin said in a statement.

In an emailed statement, Enbridge spokeswoman Jennifer Smith said the company did not request the bill. “However, part of a legislator’s job is ensuring a vibrant economy so it makes sense that they are paying attention to what is happening with the Line 3 Replacement Project and the impacts it may have on jobs and the economy,” Smith said.