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Minn. health insurance program breaks previous record for signups

ST. PAUL — A record number of Minnesotans have signed up for health insurance coverage through the state’s MNsure program.

The program said Wednesday, Jan. 17, that 116,358 residents have enrolled in the individual market from Nov. 1 to Jan. 14, breaking the previous year’s record of 114,810.

Despite an open enrollment period three weeks shorter than 2017 and significant challenges stemming from the federal level, MNsure had a 30 percent increase in new enrollees.

“This is fantastic news, especially for the many Minnesotans who were able to save, on average, nearly $7,000 with federal tax credits that are available only through MNsure,” said Gov. Mark Dayton.

Across the state, yearly advanced premium tax credit averages for households were southeast Minnesota, $12,096; northeast Minnesota, $7,692; southwest Minnesota, $11,040; Twin Cities Metro, $4,848 and northwest Minnesota, $8,100

During the entire open enrollment period, MNsure took 148,389 calls, with wait times averaging 10 seconds— the lowest in MNsure’s five year history.

Ninety-six percent of Minnesotans have health coverage—the highest percentage in state history. More information can be found at