Fly High, Duluth! blog: Mix Tape Appreciation Society No. 5

This very-special awesome mix tape was hand-crafted for my friend "Big C." She's a peach. And, quite frankly, she puts up with a lot of my crap, so it was high time for me to do something nice in return.

"Songs for 'Big C'"
Another awesome mix tape in Budgeteer editor Matthew R. Perrine's MIX TAPE APPRECIATION SOCIETY series. (Image cooked up by Perrine.)

This very-special awesome mix tape was hand-crafted for my friend "Big C." She's a peach. And, quite frankly, she puts up with a lot of my crap, so it was high time for me to do something nice in return.

Before we start, a few random factoids about her, so you can get a better idea of what we're dealing with: 

She drives a "power wagon." It's a truck. 

She's smarter than most. In turn, boys are intimidated by her.

She likes to dance on tables ... perhaps to counter-balance how prim and proper she has to act during the week? You know, when she's being smart and all.


She once sent me a link to the video for David Guetta's "Toyfriend." I thought it was the most revealing thing ever: Maybe, just maybe, smart people are more like us than I originally thought. They too enjoy dance-tastic tracks with titles you need Urban Dictionary to decipher.

And, finally, her man lives all the way up in Toronto. From what I've been told, it's a pretty big city. (ha ha ha) Widgets

1. Rusko - "Da Cali Anthem" [FREE MP3]

Ladies love to bounce ... right? Anyway, I can think of nothing more aurally stimulating than this "California Love"-sampling trunk rattler.

2. Phoenix - "1901"

She spent some time in the EU. (For all you disbelievers out there: Phoenix is a French band, for the thousandth time....) More importantly, she casually drops "EU" into seemingly unrelated conversations. This is true.

3. The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Don't Haunt This Place"


I made the mistake of thinking her BF was from this province. My bad.... I did get it right on Track 11, though!

4. Haley Bonar - "Arms of Harm"

This is just a good song.

5. Atmosphere - "Pour Me Another"

This one too. I mean, if she's living in the Twin Cities metro area, she should definitely know what Atmosphere is all about and who Slug and Ant are.

6. The Pixies - "Manta Ray" (Live at the BBC)

Another educational piece: Big C, here lies the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the history of our planet. Enjoy.

7. Best Friends Forever - "Handpocket"


I went to prom with one of the two "Friends." And she was my across-the-street neighbor growing up. How random is that?

8. Cars & Trucks - "Too Bad So Sad"

Rock! The Duluth News Tribune is putting together its annual back-to-school pullout Wave section for incoming freshman and I was invited to wax ecstatic about bands I like. Here's what I said about these guys: Despite an aversion to playing many out-of-town shows, Cars & Trucks is, without a doubt, the most exciting rock 'n' roll group in the state. While frontman Tony Bennett (no, not that Tony Bennett) has been known to produce some of the most gorgeous melodies known to man, what makes his latest outfit so essential to a night on the town are its fiery, ear-blistering blasts of post-punk "white heat." You have been warned.

9. A-Trak - "Loonies to Blow" [FREE MP3]

This track's "bed" is Big C's beloved "Toyfriend."

Besides, a song about loonies? How perfect is that?

10. Sloan - "The Rest of My Life"

Sloan, Canada's pre-eminent musical export, seemingly wrote this one for Big C: It's all about spending the rest of one's days in the Great White North!


11. The Posies - "Ontario"

Besides talking about wanting to go to Ontario (obviously what she thinks about night and day), this blistering track includes the most head-scratchingly bizarre lyrics: "Big birds flying overhead / Who gives a s---?"

The funny thing is, you can't help but scream along.

12. LadyHawke - "My Delirium"

13. Uffie - "Hong Kong Garden"

Big C has a weakness for Lady Gaga-level bombastic pop music. These two should keep her at bay.

14. The Rentals feat. Damon Albarn - "Big Daddy C."

For the longest time, Big C assumed her nickname was A) anatomically correct and B) completely insulting. Truth is, I needed a device to remember her real name (let's just say that, if I were a senator, I would propose a bill requiring all Americans to wear name tags every waking hour). For whatever reason, this song popped into my head.


Not a riveting story, granted, but it is a great song, so no one should be complaining.

15. Cake - "Comfort Eagle"

I heard the ladies are into Cake these days, which is A-OK with me.

16. Terry Lynn - "Kingstonlogic [Angry Mix]"

Reference No. 12 and No. 13, but then factor in this little slice of knowledge: Even nice girls have bad days. She can save this one for when the phone lines are down in Canada.

17. Self - "See If You Swim" [FREE MP3]

Hmm ... hope she doesn't get the wrong idea from this one. And, with lyrics like "I'm gonna throw you in the ocean and see if you swim," how could she?!

In truth, I thought this gently violent track was a nice way of summing up our back-and-forths. They're entertaining to both parties,* but stumble into one of our "insult potlucks" and you might think we hate each other.


18. Yeltzi - "Get Up and Dance"

I always thought this would be the perfect wedding-dance song ... and I can only imagine that when this is played at mine, we'll definitely be kissing the security deposit goodbye as Big C takes to the tables!

19. Dealership - "Domesticated"

What special-issue mix tape would be complete without the requisite Dealership track?

20. Say Hi (To Your Mom) - "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh"

She has an attrac--oh, nevermind.

21. LCD Soundsystem - "Drunk Girls"

See No. 18.

22. Basement Jaxx - "Living Room"

23. Kenna - "Out of Control (State of Emotion)"

Left to her own devices, I can only imagine the dance parties Big C throws for herself in her living room.

24. Felt - "Suzanne Vega"

Next time she finds herself cruising around South Minneapolis, Big C can blast this out of the PW's windows. In doing so, she'll surely make some new friends/draw some looks.

25. Alva Star - "Tornado Girl"

She's smart. I bet she can figure this one out.

*At least I sure as heck hope so!

Even though he hasn't had a regular radio gig since he was the program manager at Thunder Web Radio (now KDSU) in Fargo, Budgeteer editor Matthew R. Perrine likes to make mix tapes like he's going to play them on the air someday. This here Mix Tape Appreciation Society is a continuation of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul." Enjoy!

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