Firefighters have increased containment of the 26,000-acre Greenwood Fire from 14% to 37% as of Tuesday.

The estimated size of the fire grew by 9 acres to 26,000 acres due to better mapping, according to a news release from the agencies responding to the fire. The fire has not grown substantially since Thursday.

Light winds from the northwest and moderate weather Monday helped crew improve the fire line on the west and north sides.

"Crews have made substantial progress achieving nearly a mile and a half of the fuel break per day," the release said.

Crews continued to improve fire-containment lines and remove fallen trees along roads Tuesday. Loggers continued to mitigate the threat of fire spread along Minnesota Highway 1 and the Stony River Grade Road.

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A little more than 500 people were assigned to the fire Tuesday.

About a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rain is forecast in the region Thursday and should help moderate fire behavior.