The Duluth school district will not take part in the Snow Day Relief Act due to the added costs it would bring.

Superintendent Bill Gronseth said in May it would cost the district around $130,000 to participate in the one-time legislation compared to $40,000 to not do so.

The legislation signed by Gov. Tim Walz in April allowed districts who participate to count snow days as instructional days for the purpose of calculating the number of hours and days in the school year. The act also states that if a school district does choose to participate, it must pay all hourly and contract employees for those snow days.

The legislation did not include any funding.

The Duluth school district's employee contracts address how pay is handled for snow days is handled. Duluth school district Chief Financial Officer Cathy Erickson said the district will honor those contracts, which is what would happen even if there was no special legislation.

The matter is not expected to be reconsidered by the district. The option to participate in the bill expires at the end of the month.