The University of Wisconsin Superior is offering a discounted tuition rate of $273 per credit for first-year students who want to participate in a new, one-semester fully online program this fall.

UW-Superior created the program, called PlanU, to give prospective college students an alternative way to start during the academic career during a pandemic, admissions director Jeremy Nere said in a news release.

“Most students seem to be comfortable attending college on-campus and we’re excited to reopen with face-to-face classes and activities,” Nere said. “But there are some students who are finding their original plans aren’t feasible due to financial or health concerns, or other reasons related to COVID-19.”

Students in the program will take transferable online classes taught by instructors known for their online instruction skills and personal interaction with students, the news release said. The cost of a credit in the online program is $32 less than the typical undergraduate online credit rate at the university.

After the fall semester, those students can either continue their education at UW-Superior or transfer them to another institution. Nere said the program can help international students who were planning to attend the university this fall but are now unable to get a visa.

UW-Superior referenced a national study done by a research firm called Art and Science Group that showed that as of April, 16% of responding prospective college students were considering taking a year off and 10% of respondents were still undecided.