Honks, waves, bubbles, balloons and sirens marked the progress of the Minnehaha Elementary School staff parade through the streets of Two Harbors on Monday, May 11.

The staff worked together to plan a teacher parade which made its way through several avenues. Staff gathered along South Avenue near the Two Harbors Community Center around 3 p.m. to finish decorating vehicles and prepare the lineup. Some tied balloons, stuffed animals, flowers and streamers to their vehicles. Others used window markers to write inspiring messages.

A couple of teachers printed out individual photos of their students and posted them on vehicles. "We miss these kids" text accompanied the photos.

The parade was accompanied by Two Harbors Police Department patrol cars, Two Harbors Fire Department engines, Minnesota State Patrol and Lake County Search and Rescue vehicles. Families who live out in the country were encouraged to gather in the Two Harbors High School parking lot, where the parade ended.