The Duluth school district released a timeline for its superintendent search Thursday.

Current superintendent Bill Gronseth announced last year that he would be leaving at the end of his contract, which expires June 30. The new superintendent is expected to start July 1.

According to the timeline, BWP & Associates, the firm hired by the Duluth School Board to facilitate the search, will meet with stakeholder focus groups Jan. 27. The focus groups will consist of students, staff, business owners and other key community stakeholders.

On Jan. 28, BWP will meet with the School Board to report the results of a community survey, focus groups' feedback and a community listening session. That information will be used to identify needs and develop a leadership profile.

A 12-question community survey was made available Thursday and will close Jan. 24 at noon. It can be found at

Community members will also have a chance to give their opinions in person during a walk-in community listening session Jan. 27 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Denfeld High School.

The application deadline for the superintendent position is Feb. 14. Once it is closed, BWP will screen and interview all candidates that fit the leadership profile set by the School Board. BWP will then narrow those candidates down to six and bring them to the board for consideration the second week of March. If the board likes the slate of candidates, they will move forward with the first round of interviews March 16-20.

The School Board can always tell BWP they would like to see more candidate options if they are not satisfied with the first slate presented to them.

After the first round of interviews, the School Board will narrow the candidates down to at most three finalists who will be brought in for the second round of interviews March 23-27. Once the second round of interviews is complete, board members will deliberate on which candidate they would like to hire and offer a job to someone.

According to the timeline, the School Board will negotiate a contract with the candidate they choose to hire the week of March 30 with the expectation that the contract would be approved and the district would announce the new superintendent by the end of the week.