The Duluth School Board will reconsider a contract with Essentia Health to provide professional sports medicine services.

The contract was tabled last month to allow staff to do more work and make changes to the contract.

The original contract, which included an exclusivity clause regarding naming rights and signage, was split into two contracts, one for sports medicine services and one laying out a sponsorship agreement. The new contracts are for five years, set to expire on Aug. 14, 2024.

Previously, the district has only entered into two-year contracts with Essentia. The service contract states various financial donations from Essentia to the district totaling up to $335,000. These types of financial donations have not been in previous contracts with Essentia, according to district CFO Cathy Erickson.

The service contract states Essentia will purchase and provide athletic training supplies valued at up to $1,000 per year per high school. It also states that Essentia will provide the district $325,000 during the term of the contract, with $100,000 provided within 30 days approval to purchase new weight-room equipment at Denfeld and East high schools.

In addition, $56,250 is to be distributed annually in equal parts to Denfeld and East to improve athletic facilities and support services associated with student wellness. That sum will be paid within 30 days of the first-anniversary date of the contract and continue through the term.

Essentia also offered something new to the long list of services. If the contracts are approved, Essentia will also provide a strength and conditioning coach at each high school for up to 90 minutes per day, Monday through Thursday, for the length of the contract.

The sponsorship agreement states the district “agrees to identify and acknowledge Essentia as an exclusive sponsor of the athletic program by displaying Essentia’s logo and other agreed-upon identifying information.”

The contract also states the district “agrees not to offer, grant or sell the right to name any portion or subordinate portion of a district facility, including but not limited to high schools, sports centers and stadiums, or to place any permanent or temporary signs” to any other party whose main business is health care or who is considered a direct competitor of Essentia.

All Essentia signage will be supplied by Essentia at its cost and must be approved by the district’s facilities manager before placement to ensure compliance with the district’s policies and requirements.

The Duluth School Board will consider these contracts at its meeting Tuesday.