Lake County will offer Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) on Friday, Oct. 11, to Sunday, Oct. 13, in Silver Bay. This 20-hour weekend course teaches us what to do during emergencies at home, school, or work until professional responders arrive, or in case they can’t.

Practice triage and first aid, basic search and rescue, and fire extinguisher use in a casual hands-on atmosphere. Participants will work with others on realistic scenarios to assess injuries, stop bleeding, provide support and get more help, and will also build their own preparedness kits for evacuation or sheltering-in-place.

In addition to learning personal skills, course graduates can apply to join the Lake County CERT team, which meets regularly and serves at public events, exercises and, if necessary, real disasters. CERT team members are further trained in community damage assessment; traffic and crowd management for large events; evacuations and pet sheltering; and emergency operations center support.

Cost is $10. The CERT course is for ages 15 and up. Register through Community Education at; go to "COM ED," and "Adults," or call 218-226-4437 ext. 8137 to reach the Silver Bay Community Education office.

For more information on course content, contact BJ Kohlstedt at 218-226-4444 or