The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office Career Exploration Program is looking for interested youths to fill vacancies on its post, according to a news release from the office. Law Enforcement Explorers is for students between the ages of 14 (completed eighth grade) and 20. The program is sponsored by local law enforcement agencies to provide career information to youths. It also provides structure and resources to help young adults make ethical choices and achieve their full potential.

Students learn first-hand the duties and responsibilities of police officers. By bringing interested youths and police officers together on a regular basis, the explorers are able to apply the information and tactics they learn in mock situations at the Minnesota Law Enforcement Explorer Conference each April, and at the National Law Enforcement Explorer Conference, which is held every other summer.

These conferences provide the explorers with opportunities to meet with their peers, be exposed to law enforcement agencies at the state and federal levels, and provide the opportunity to receive college scholarship money through their participation in the mock situations.

More information can be found on the MN Law Enforcement Explorer Association website at or by contacting any of the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Explorer advisers: Deputy Alyssa Schlichting 218-409-5918, Deputy Sean Clark 218-481-2913; or Deputy Alex Prouse 218-390-8908.