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Ecolab donates $5M to University of Minnesota

ST. PAUL — St. Paul-based Ecolab is giving $5 million to the University of Minnesota to support research and education on environmental sustainability.

“This investment from the Ecolab Foundation will encourage collaboration between the University and the business community to ensure a secure, sustainable future for everyone,” Ecolab CEO Doug Baker said Thursday.

The gift will establish a $2 million endowed chair for the Institute on the Environment, which is housed on the St. Paul campus.

Another $1 million goes to $7,500 scholarships for undergraduates majoring in science, engineering and related environmental and sustainability-focused fields.

The Carlson School of Management also will get undergraduate scholarships and international learning experiences focused on risks to the environment.

Additional funds through the Institute on the Environment will support local and global partnerships on energy, water, sustainable development and public health.

Ecolab also will underwrite a conference series on major environmental challenges.

Institute director Jessica Hellmann will become the first Ecolab Chair for Environmental Leadership.

“Public-private partnerships are essential to making real progress on sustainability and addressing the impacts of climate change,” she said.

University President Eric Kaler said the gift “will accelerate the pace of discovery.”