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Pressroom Podcast: Homelessness in Duluth Public Schools

Stacey Achterhoff (left) and Katie Danielson work with homeless youth in the Duluth School District. (Samantha Erkkila / 1 / 2
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Katie Danielson and Stacey Achterhoff work with homeless youth in the Duluth School District.

Last year, Danielson said 488 youth in the school district were homeless. Achterhoff has 49 students alone at Myers-Wilkins Elementary that are homeless this school year.

The two educators explain what their days look like working with homeless youth, what types of services they provide to the children and their families and how they keep their school lives as normal as possible.

What we are into this week: My car, the short documentary “Heroine,” the Duluth Public Library, the tango, and the Netflix show “Mindhunter.”

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