About 100 Ordean East Middle School students were told they violated a Duluth school district dress code policy Friday.

A Snapchat sent by a student Thursday night encouraged Ordean East students to violate the code, said Rachel Jackson, assistant principal of the school.

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"The dress code topic comes up every spring when it gets nice out," Jackson said, noting that most of the violators were girls with shorts and skirts that didn't follow district dress code policy. She said many were prepared, and brought other clothes to change into.

District policy says skirts, shorts and dresses must extend to mid-thigh, with undergarments covered and no midriffs or lower backs exposed.

Parent Stacey Dimberio was called by her sixth-grade daughter to deliver different clothes to school Friday when it was deemed her shorts were too short.

"I feel like it's a teachable moment," Dimberio said, noting that with that amount of students violating policy, an announcement over the PA system or an all-school assembly would have been a better route for administrators to take.

It was clear the policy had been violated by her daughter, Dimberio said, but "to code (that many) kids and get them all upset when they are taking finals and exams, wearing clothes that they've worn before on a day in Duluth when it's over 60 degrees? To me we need to change the policy."

Jackson said private conversations were had with kids who violated the policy. They could change into something they had at school, pick something from an assortment of extra clothes the school keeps or call home to have something delivered. Only a few had to call home, Jackson said.