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Duluth property transactions

1021 E. Second St., Mansel Properties LLC purchased from William J. and Nancy H. Anderson for $164,000, multiple parcels, residential, 5/08. 1925 W. Third St., Wally Saice purchased from Northern Properties Group LLC for $99,500, apartment, 5/08....

1021 E. Second St., Mansel Properties LLC purchased from William J. and Nancy H. Anderson for $164,000, multiple parcels, residential, 5/08.

1925 W. Third St., Wally Saice purchased from Northern Properties Group LLC for $99,500, apartment, 5/08.

4410 W. Fourth St., ISD No. 709 purchased from Howard A. and Janet L. Johnson for $115,000, 5/08.

4430 W. Fourth St., ISD No. 709 purchased from Larry R. and Jean M. Summar for $163,000, residential, 5/08.

901 N. Fifth Ave. E., Philip and Judi A. Roux purchased from Wells Fargo Bank NA for $65,000, multiple parcels, residential, 4/08.


4102 W. Sixth St., Linda Hagen and Vicky Galarowicz purchased from Richard and Christi N. Nelson for $113,123, residential, 3/08.

4119 W. Sixth St., Todd A. Hess purchased from Desmond M. and Theresa R. Harteau for $128,700, residential, 5/08.

1305 E. Sixth St., Tyler J. Schwerdt purchased from John O. and Katherine A. Cozzi for $141,000, multiple parcels, residential, 5/08.

1027 E. Seventh St., Roger, Laurie and Brady Olson purchased from Rollo Campe and Kathryn Rowan for $102,075, residential, 5/08.

1305 E. Seventh St., George W. and Amanda Allard purchased from Jon D. Vanalstine for $127,500, residential, 5/08.

3924 W. Seventh St., Timothy D. Wes purchased from Aaron J. and Angela R. Quesenberry for $125,100, residential, 4/08.

1809 E. Eighth St., Emcee Holdings LC purchased from T P McShane Inc. for $125,000, residential, 5/08.

127 E. Eighth St., Mary Jane Digby purchased from Jonathan M. Loye and A. Hovgaard for $89,500, residential, 5/08.


5619 W. Eighth St., Meghan N. Rafferty purchased from Earl H. and Margaret I. Kangas for $93,000, residential, 4/08.

1428 N. Ninth Ave. E., Debra J. Rossebo purchased from David H. Taylor for $114,500, residential, 5/08.

1109 E. Ninth St., Douglas, Kathleen and Jacob Annis purchased from Erin Galegher and Adam D. Bakker for $103,000, residential, 3/08.

1014 N. 13th Ave. E., Michael J. Frakes purchased from Kellie Marie Sodergren for $120,000, residential, 5/08.

709 N. 42nd Ave. W., Karen L. Gokey purchased from Richard J. Hennes for $120,000, residential, 5/08.

317 N. 44th Ave. W., ISD No. 709 purchased from Howard and Joann Grover for $103,000, residential, 5/08.

709 N. 54th Ave. W., ISD No. 709 purchased from Robert L. Sinclair for $90,000, 5/08.

3016 N. 85th Ave. W., David F. and Cherri L. Ogren purchased from Delores H. Anderson for $162,500, residential, 5/08.


1207 105th Ave. W., Gina L. Welsh purchased from Kandis A. Storm for $115,000, multiple parcels, residential, 5/08.

1919 Adirondack St., Robert E. and Sarah A. Miller purchased from Richard V. and Roberta W. Olson for $150,000, residential, 5/08.

4220 Allendale Ave., Ryan T. Mitzner purchased from Brandon and Megan Marie Agenter for $120,000, residential, 5/08.

1122 Anderson Road, Scott D. Towle purchased from Jonathan and Jill Niksich for $144,000, residential, 5/08.

2519 Anderson Road, William Davis and Sarah A. Walker purchased from Mary C. Magnuson for $165,000, residential, 5/08.

111 S. Blackman Ave., Harold, Clarice and Megan Thompson purchased from Robert J. and Carol Robinson for $130,000, residential, 5/08.

9133 Brook St., Irvin L. and Mary Poverud purchased from Charles A. and Kathleen A. Fredson for $60,000, residential, 5/08.

321 E. Buffalo St., Emcee Holdings LLC purchased from T P McShane Inc. for $148,500, residential, 5/08.

4602 Cambridge St., William J. and Joyce L. Daugherty purchased from Pamela J. Gordon-Evens for $165,000, residential, 5/08.

1003 N. Central Ave., William J. and Angela L. Jones purchased from Nicholas and Jamie Perfetti for $153,000, residential, 5/08.

311 N. Central Ave., William Voelk purchased from James and Linda Russell for $100,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/08.

15 Chambersburg Drive, Diane E. Morin and Karen Swanson purchased from David J. and Diane L. Michalski for $315,000, residential, 5/08.

5007 Colorado St., Brandon Swartz purchased from Sarah J. Divine and Sven Pieper for $162,800, residential, 4/08.

1415 Commonwealth Ave., Michael S. Lammi purchased from Kevin D. and Michele M. Lammi for $130,000, multiple parcels, commercial (with buildings), 5/08.

2959 Devonshire St., Tena M. Valdez purchased from HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. for $57,900, residential, 3/08.

4125 Dodge St., Trudi A. Britz purchased from Chad L. and Heidi M. Guenther for $220,000, residential, 5/08.

316 W. Faribault St., Ragan L. and Berry S. Burkhart purchased from Geraldine J. Backstrom for $178,825, residential, 5/08.

203 E. Gilead St., Daniel and Carolyn Weber purchased from Jason C. and Alyssa L. August for $160,000, residential, 5/08.

5022 Glenwood St., Leslie Johnson-Aldrich purchased from Chuck D. and Nancy S. Winslow for $60,000, residential, 5/08.

2214 Hillcrest Drive, Carney A. and Stacy M. Lien purchased from Michael F. and Nancy A. Gerber for $158,000, residential, 5/08.

2333 Hoover St., John and Marti L. Townsend purchased from Linda A. Skibicki for $135,500, residential, 5/08.

2226 Leonard St., Brent Hallback and Amy Comstock purchased from Les and Wendy K. Tekler for $154,397, residential, 5/08.

411 W. McGonagle St., Robert L. Sinclair purchased from Michael George Dosan Sr. for $134,000, residential, 5/08.

2602 W. Michigan St., Darrell W. and Melissa M. Nelson purchased from William N. and Judith A. Nelson for $130,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/08.

2155 Miller Creek Drive, Jolene M. Peterson purchased from Richard J. and Sandra L. Hughes for $212,000, residential, 5/08.

1114 Minnesota Ave., Robert B. Bartlow and S. Sibley purchased from Thomas and Bridget Reistad for $233,500, residential, 5/08.

1318 Mississippi Ave., Michelle A. Dinehart purchased from John D. and Marie F. Wood for $245,000, residential, 5/08.

1305 Missouri Ave., Thomas J. and Maureen T. Kraus purchased from Steven C. Hvidsten for $176,000, residential, 5/08.

2632 Morris Thomas Road, Steven M. and Cherly Benjaminson purchased from Gerald H. Christensen for $156,000, residential, 5/08.

1727 New St., Nicholas R. and Crystal F. Olson purchased from Northern Communities Land Trust for $111,800, residential, 5/08.

5703 Otsego St., Michael and Christine Bastin purchased from Andrew S. Wallschlaeger for $262,500, residential, 5/08.

2909 Palisade Drive, Randy E. and Robi F. Hyman purchased from David and Brenda Aslyn for $380,000, residential, 5/08.

117 Parkland Ave., Beth C. Austin purchased from Mary Jo Gilbertson for $71,000, residential, 4/08.

119 Parkland Ave., Kimberly A. Fagan purchased from Leon D. and Britt V. Rohrbaugh for $103,000, residential, 5/08.

5201 Ramsey St., Duluth Veterans Housing LLC purchased from Gary S. and Renee L. Bauers for $300,000, apartment, 5/08.

5209 Ramsey St., Duluth Veterans Housing LLC purchased from Karl and Sandra L. Norman for $128,000, apartment, 5/08.

2724 W. Skyline Parkway, John E. Hepplemann purchased from M Joan. Koski for $139,000, residential, 5/08.

2824 Snowy Owl Circle, Linda A. Skibicki purchased from Debra C. Klein for $205,000, residential, 5/08.

6203 Tacony St., Larry and Jean Summar purchased from Christopher D. and Jennifer Swanson for $199,900, residential, 5/08.

5125 Tioga St., Joshua W. Waltz purchased from Jody E. Brown for $140,000, residential, 5/08.

606 Valley Drive, Michael G. and Elizabeth Edmunds purchased from the Muriel Y. Hagen Trust for $230,000, multiple parcels, residential, 5/08.

3017 Vernon St., Joshua B. Anderson purchased from Brian Ronding for $61,200, residential, 5/08.

Bare land, American Engineering Testing purchased from Duluth Economic Development Authority for $185,000, industrial -- bare land, 5/08.

Bare land, Duluth Graduate Medical Education Council purchased from Judith E. Ansello for $13,900, commercial -- bare land, 5/08.

Bare land, Duluth Veterans Housing Inc. purchased from Milton Mitchell for $50,000, apartment -- bare land, 5/08.

Bare land, Patrick D. Greehan and A. Normand purchased from Mark R. and Tracie L. Smith for $80,000, residential -- bare land, 5/08.

Bare land, Stanley N. Vee and Patricia Whalen purchased from Steven A. Doherty for $15,625, residential -- bare land, 5/08.

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