DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — A Detroit Lakes man has been charged with making violent threats, a felony, after allegedly telling his probation officer that he planned to “shoot up” a Detroit Lakes elementary school and wanted to die by “suicide by cop.”

According to Becker County District Court records, on Nov. 9, Jeffrey Scott Gunderson, 27, of Detroit Lakes was recently released from prison and met with a Department of Corrections probation officer in Detroit Lakes to discuss the conditions of his Intensive Supervised Release.

Gunderson told the agent he was upset with the state Department of Corrections and with certain DOC agents, including the one he was talking to.

Gunderson made comments about assaulting his own brother, then specifically stated he had plans to go to Runnings in Moorhead, Minnesota, and buy an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. According to court records, he said he then planned to return to Detroit Lakes and shoot up Rossman Elementary School. He said he would walk around with a bullet-resistant vest, and expressed no concern about getting into a shootout with police, saying he wanted to die by “suicide by cop.”

After the meeting, the agent was so concerned he waited in the area to monitor Gunderson until police arrived. A short time later, Gunderson was found, arrested and taken to the Becker County Jail.

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On Nov. 10, an order for detention was signed in Becker County District Court, and on Nov. 12 a request for a public defender was approved. A bond hearing has not yet been held.