One man has pleaded guilty to firing shots at the scene of a May homicide in Duluth, while another has been certified to stand trial as an adult for allegedly doing the same.

Tyrone Deshun Childs Sr., 35, is the first of five defendants charged in connection with the case to enter a guilty plea. While not responsible for the killing of 22-year-old Juamada Keller Anderson Jr., he did reportedly admit to firing a handgun from inside a van parked near the chaotic crime scene.

Tyrone Deshun Childs.
2020 handout
Tyrone Deshun Childs. 2020 handout

Childs, according to court records, pleaded guilty Sept. 23 to drive-by shooting and being a felon in possession of a firearm, along with a pair of third-degree drug sale charges that resulted from a search warrant executed on his van in the days after the shooting.

Also last month, the case of 17-year-old Eddie Ezra Conyers Jr. was transferred from juvenile to adult criminal court after Judge Jill Eichenwald approved the certification motion from prosecutors. Conyers allegedly told police that he "wanted to see a fight" and fired off five rounds in response to the initial gunfire.

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Eddie Ezra Conyers Jr.
Eddie Ezra Conyers Jr.

At least four people have been identified in court documents as having fired shots at the scene. Anderson's alleged killer, Patrick Wilson Battees Jr., 18, still has his case pending in juvenile court as he awaits the results of a second court-ordered mental health evaluation.

Police reports indicate that Battees and Anderson were conversing on the porch of an apartment building at 118 E. Third St. just before the May 22 shooting. The incident, authorities said, escalated after two other men, Markus Seville Morris and Laurel Larice Ladd Jr., were seen pulling into a nearby parking lot and seemingly "forming a plan."

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Video allegedly shows Morris walking up to Battees on the porch and demonstrating "pre-attack cues by sizing up Battees and pulling his shorts up." Anderson can then be seen getting between the two men before Morris pushes him against the railing, the reports state.

Patrick Wilson Battees Jr. 
2020 handout
Patrick Wilson Battees Jr. 2020 handout

Investigators said Ladd could then be seen entering the confrontation and punching Battees. As the scuffle moved toward the sidewalk, Ladd reportedly could be seen handing an item — which investigators believe to be a gun — to Morris.

Battees, then 17, is then allegedly seen taking out his own firearm and shooting, striking Anderson as the crowd begins to disperse. Video allegedly shows Morris pointing his gun and shooting at Battees before handing the weapon back to Ladd. Police said Battees fled the scene but was arrested a few blocks away after stashing his gun in a discarded couch.

Investigators subsequently indicated the incident may have been linked to a 2020 shooting that reportedly injured a relative of Ladd. Battees was not charged with the shooting itself, but did serve a nine-month jail sentence in Douglas County after leading police on a resulting high-speed chase.

Laurel Larice Ladd Jr. 
2021 handout
Laurel Larice Ladd Jr. 2021 handout

Battees, who is being held at Arrowhead Juvenile Center, is scheduled to be back in court next Thursday as it remains to be seen whether he will be found competent to proceed — the first hurdle to cross before a judge can determine he should be certified as an adult.

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He's charged in a juvenile delinquency petition with intentional second-degree murder, unintentional second-degree murder and reckless discharge of a firearm within a municipality.

Childs has been transferred to the Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud as he awaits an Oct. 25 sentencing. Conyers, who faces two felonies and a gross misdemeanor, is being held in the St. Louis County Jail on $150,000 bail ahead of a Nov. 1 hearing.

Ladd, 26, the lone defendant free on bond, faces a Nov. 5 court date. Morris, 31, who remains jailed, is slated to appear Nov. 12.

Markus Seville Morris.
2021 handout
Markus Seville Morris. 2021 handout