An inmate at the Koochiching County Jail escaped last week and has not yet been located.

Hunter Irvin Lewis, 21, of International Falls, was working in the minimum security area of the jail in International Falls on Tuesday morning when he left the facility. He has not been seen since, Koochiching Sheriff Perryn Hedlund told the News Tribune on Monday morning.

Hedlund said they've searched locally and don't believe Lewis is in the area. He said Lewis likely met up with people he knows outside the county or state, and noted he had connections to the West Coast.

"I personally don't feel like he's in the area, I just hesitate to say too much because I don't know," Hedlund said. "It is what it is — he essentially just left our facility and we haven't had any contact with him since."

Hedlund said an internal review is underway to determine how Lewis managed to escape and what security can be tightened at the jail.

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Lewis has faced several prior convictions of first-degree burglary and witness tampering, and is facing a pending charge of first-degree burglary.

Hedlund said Lewis will also be charged with escaping custody.