A man arrested after a seven-hour standoff with Duluth police April 22 faces several new charges.

Jesse Fechner, 32, faces a felony charge for allegedly receiving stolen property due to his possession of a firearm reported to have been stolen.

He also has been charged with four misdemeanors, including possessing a firearm with a previous felony conviction; two counts of fourth-degree assault on a peace officer; and obstructing the legal process with force.


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Shortly before noon April 22, Duluth investigators received a tip on the whereabouts of Fechner, who had warrants issued for his arrest in March and pending criminal sexual conduct cases.

Law enforcement then conducted surveillance at 2221 Nanticoke St., where they saw Fechner exit a side door of the residence around 1 p.m., according to the criminal complaint. He appeared to be taking out the trash.

Jesse Lee Fechner (Photo courtesy of St. Louis County Jail)
Jesse Lee Fechner (Photo courtesy of St. Louis County Jail)

Officers then pulled into the driveway in an attempt to detain Fechner, but the suspect re-entered the house and locked the door with a deadbolt despite "loud" announcements from the police to stop, the complaint read.

Law enforcement noticed a girl in the residence and breached the door in order to remove her from the home. At that point, they believed Fechner was alone in the home.

For several hours, Fechner ignored repeated announcements to surrender himself and was seen walking around inside the house. Eventually, Fechner's mother and girlfriend arrived and asked him to surrender over the phone without any result.

Shortly before 5 p.m., the police department's Tactical Response Team began deploying gas canisters into the house, followed by less-lethal sponge rounds. A couple of hours later, law enforcement determined Fechner had barricaded himself in an upstairs bathroom and they entered the home while commanding Fechner to surrender, according to the complaint.

When officers breached the bathroom door, the suspect was pushing on it. He later swung and hit the heads of two officers.

Law enforcement found the firearm in the trunk of Fechner's vehicle during a search warrant.

Fechner's first court appearance following the new charges was Thursday morning in Sixth District Court in Duluth.