Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken noted three gun calls over the Fourth of July holiday in a Facebook post over the weekend.

In his post on Saturday, Tusken outlined the calls, "all perilous to public safety," in the neighborhoods of East Hillside, downtown Duluth and Lincoln Park. In each incident, a gun was recovered.

"Two incidents involved guns being pointed at others and one involved shots fired," Tusken wrote, adding that the weekend brought "heavy demands for police service."

In Lincoln Park, Tusken said police responded to the sounds of shots being fired, and located the address from which the shots came. Officers negotiated for the surrender of a suspect for more than an hour before taking the person into custody, Tusken said.

A search warrant was processed, and spent shell casings and a firearm were recovered.

In East Hillside, officers responded to an incident of gun-pointing, locating a suspect who fled on foot and "ditched a gun," Tusken wrote, describing how it was later recovered.

The suspect was arrested on preliminary charges of threats of violence, possession of a stolen gun, carrying a gun without a permit and fleeing police.

On First Street downtown around bar close, Tusken said police received a report of a fight and a person pointing a gun. Police located a suspect and found the dropped gun. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of a firearm, carrying a firearm without a permit and carrying a firearm under the influence.

Charges are pending in the cases. The News Tribune generally doesn't identify suspects until they have been formally charged.

"Every gun removed from the street and the hands of people who shouldn’t have guns is one less chance for gun violence in our community," Tusken wrote.