Thousands of counterfeit foam swords, string lights and talking President Donald Trump pens were seized at the United States-Canada border crossing last week.

In a news release Thursday, the U.S Customs and Border Protection said officials at the International Falls Port of Entry found the goods in rail containers destined for Rainer and that the products were in violation of intellectual property rights regulations. The items would have been worth almost a combined $500,000 if they were authentic, the release said.

“CBP is focused on identifying and intercepting counterfeit merchandise and products. The enforcement of trade laws at U.S. ports of entry remains a high priority for us,” Anthony Jackson, International Falls Port Director, said in the release. “Counterfeiting adversely affects the ability of lawful copyright holders to profit from their original ideas. Counterfeiting also harms consumers because manufacturers of forged products have little motivation to use safe, high-quality materials in their products.”

A spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Patrol said the pens were headed to Illinois, the swords to Michigan and the lights to California, but would not specify which stores or companies.

"They were going to a variety of different stores," the spokesperson said.

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The International Falls crossing has confiscated a number of counterfeit products in the past, including counterfeit dolls, LED screens and toy airplanes.