Technology has been a mixed blessing. On the one hand, we can connect with far-flung relatives to keep our families close.

Then again, people are watching TV as they drive.

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Minnesota law enforcement agencies recently concluded a distracted-driving enforcement campaign and found drivers across the state were being blatantly irresponsible behind the wheel.

"Too many Minnesotans are treating drive time as down time instead of focusing on the number one task in their vehicle - driving," the Department of Public Safety said in a news release Wednesday.

Northland drivers were especially foolhardy, with Minnesota State Patrol troopers handing out 123 tickets around Virginia and 83 around Duluth between April 8 and April 30.

One case involved a 23-year-old woman using Snapchat while driving in Duluth with three kids in the car.

Another involved a 44-year-old man watching a video on his phone driving around Grand Marais.

A 30-year-old man was cited for using his phone to clock out of work while speeding around Duluth.

In Virginia, a motorcyclist rode by a state trooper in Virginia while looking at his cellphone in his lap.

More than 1,900 texting and driving citations were handed out during the campaign.

As of Aug. 1, it will be illegal to hold a cellphone while driving in Minnesota.