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Matters of record received May 16, 2018

District Court

St. Louis County

May 14

Tyler J. E. Hale, 27, Duluth, domestic assault, fined $50 and three days in local confinement or NERCC, stay of adjudication on one year of probation with conditions.

William A. Wyman, 41, Meadowlands, carrying a weapon while under the influence of alcohol and careless driving, fined $50 and 90 days in local confinement or NERCC, time stayed on one year of probation with conditions - per each count concurrent.

May 15

Jerrod J. Bunt, 33, Duluth, possession of drug paraphernalia, fined $50.

Shawn D. Clemmer, 54, Brule, inattentive driving, fined $50.

Michael S. Goranson, 23, Carlton, driving after revocation, fined $200.

Alexandria M. Merritt, 27, Duluth, driving after revocation, fined $200.

Cole J. Miggins, 21, Duluth, texting/use of electronic device while driving, fined $50.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. All items are public records submitted by the courthouse in Duluth. Most defendants are also ordered to pay court and/or surcharge fees. Individual requests for items to be withheld will not be granted.